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Yearly Archives: 2011


Double H: Episode 8 (now with Q&A!)

Big figures, big hair and big hats — this week is all about size, and going by Chag & Ashlotte’s reactions, size does matter! Read more »


Review: 1/8 Al Azif

Hello there folks, and welcome to another god-awfully rainy week! Yay~~~

Ah boy…So yea, here we are with yet another older figure (it’s not my fault they don’t make more things I like a month! T_T) from the recently translated eroge Demonbane!

"Don't you feel like you could just lose yourself in those eyes..."

The series has been around for a while with an OVA, eroge sequel, and finally a TV adaptation under its belt. It borrows heavily from the Lovecraft mythos to tell its tale. Specifically, Al Azif here is the embodiment of the grimoire Necronomicon in the form of an absurdly cute little girl. She does occasionally morph parts of her body into pages (an ability that no figure maker has capitalized on, unfortunately) and has a chibi mode, but for the most part she retains the form you see presented in this figure. Of course, being over a millennia old and extremely powerful, she is a rather arrogant little girl, but with her myriad of personality quirks she is easily my favorite character in the series by far!

I was lucky enough to pick Al Azif up from Aka who was selling her for a pittance and I have to say it was an extremely wise decision, since as I predicted after having played the game a bit I would absolutely love Al as a character, so I would be hunting this very figure down right now if I had not bought her at the time! The only downside of this is that she was slightly damaged, but I’ll obviously not be dwelling on that as it’s hardly Max Factory’s fault.

So with that said, let’s see how well quality of one of Max’s older releases holds up against the harshness of time, shall we? Read more »


Double H: Episode 7

Another week, another episode! Can you believe it’s been over 2 months since our first attempt? Boy, does time fly! Anyways, in the first half Ash lusts over Ui’s jellyrolls and Chag gets all conservative against see-through skirts. Hating on transparent clothing? What a nutjob!

  • 0:22 — Alter’s Hirasawa Ui
  • 7:50 — Clayz’s Saber Extra

In the second half we scratch our head at Clayz’s Fate and Ash butts heads with Griffon Enterprises…again.

  • 0:00 — Clayz’s Fate Testarossa
  • 2:48 — Griffon’s Remilia Scarlet (POP ver.)
  • 8:06 — Q&A plans!

In case you skipped the end of the second half (gasp, how could you??), we’ve decided to try out a bit of viewer Q&A. If you want to hear us answer your question on the show next week, leave a question like so:

(Q&A) Boxers or briefs?

You can do that in the comments or on Chag’s Formspring page. It’s just for some fun, so any YouTube-safe question is fair game. We’ll pick a couple to answer on next week’s show and answer the rest the old-fashioned style.

As always, consider rating and/or subscribing if you found the rants interesting as they help the channel grow, and we’ll see you next week!


Review: 1/8 Kujikawa Rise (Swimsuit ver.)

Hello one and all, and welcome! With Menace‘s abundant curves taken care of, it’s time to take a look at someone with a slightly more slender frame!

The road that got me to this point was a rather strange one that began when I developed an interest in Persona 3. Eventually I ended up playing a large number of PS2 RPGs, culminating with Persona 4.  In all honesty I didn’t much like any of the RPGs I played, and while Persona 3 was a good deal better (specifically the music is just plain godly…listen to the OST like…now!) than most of the others, it was still plagued with a great many glaring flaws (*cough one giant tower dungeon cough*). Thankfully, Persona 4 corrected almost all of these and it is without a doubt a game that makes owning a PS2 completely worth it!

Of course, being the figure collector that I am, the first thing I did after finishing the game was rushing to see what figures had been made of the girls from the series. Sadly there wasn’t much to pick from…I had wanted to get Yukiko as she was my favorite, but since she was an exclusive from some time ago, the mark-up was far more than I was willing to pay, thus I settled for this Rise. This isn’t to say I dislike Rise, though! Honesty, all the characters in Persona 4 have their own unique charms and I’d be happy to own a figure of all of them!

Rise in particular has a very cute character design with her petite build and her fluffy hair. The fact that she was voiced by Teh Rie just made her even better, and while her personality swings around a lot during the game as she resolves her conflicted feelings about being an idol, she was always enjoyable to spend time with so having a figure of her is a great joy for me!

This particular figure was based on the above official illustration, which is rather rare for Alter. As this is my first swimsuit figure from them (and probably the first figure I own of theirs that shows so much body sculpt), let’s see how they tackle swimsuit figures, shall we? Read more »

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