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Review: 1/7 Megurine Luka (Tony ver.)

Nothing fancy here — just a mix between red and blue floodlights. Fun fact: my first red bulb exploded 6 seconds after turning it on. I’m so glad I replaced it. I wish I had more stuff going on in the background, though — I might revisit this shot with some glow-sticks or light-painting in the future.

Surprise, it’s a new review! Well, not really — this is just a short post showing off a few shots I took for the review. The actual review is over at Tomopop, because this figure was provided as a review sample by HobbyLink Japan. I had a load of fun writing and shooting this review, so get your butt over there and check it out!

Luka’s hair is really nice — I totally did not exact a throwaway shot like this to have any merit, but after I tweaked it around a little during post-processing, the translucency of her hair really shines. Max Factory really did a good job at pulling it off without it looking too unnatural.
The most pleasant surprise I had in the photos is how nicely the background turned out. The pink gradient effect may look fancy in some shots, but in reality it’s just a pink flood light on white poster board.
I like how visible the wine I poured into the glass is in this photo. If I had known how obscured it would be underneath all those reflections, I wouldn’t have poured the wine out in the first place. The wine tasted like ass, but at least my roomate made good use of it for a League of Legends drinking game.

By the way, I was amazingly impressed that the editors let me keep the entirety of my trademark long-winded intro — because my boring history with Vocaloid music is just what Tomopop’s visitors need!

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What is this? I expected another long winded introduction, and equally long winded review here too. I guess… I will go read it at Tomopop. Sigh.

It never occurred to me to used colored light bulbs to make gradient effects, it is something I shall explore someday.

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