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Author: Chag

Weekly Highlights SPECIAL: Figures We Want from the Spring Season

Chag: Another season’s worth of anime has come and gone, and now everyone has been buzzing about the new-flanged summer season that’s been springing into action over the last couple of weeks. But before the spring season vanishes from the ADD-ridden minds of the modern generation, let’s take a moment and look back at some characters that desperately need the figure treatment!

Ashlotte: Hurray for ADD eh… Yea, after seeing the first episode of High School of the Dead I almost started forgetting last season already… Oh how fickle the mind of an anime viewer is! So let’s all try and jog our memories of the not-so-distant past and take a look at some good solid characters that we feel really deserve to be captured in PVC glory!

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Weekly Highlights: Fishmongering

Chag: Another week, another rant. Honestly, I’ve been in a sort of slump for the past week. But on the bright side: I finally figured out the basics of photoshop (well, PAINT.NET to be exact)! Them layers are some tricky business, I tell you… I almost gave up, but damn, if you’ve ever tried to draw a gundam head in MS paint, you would understand the urgency in learning to use a real image editing program.

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Weekly Highlights: Killer Capris, Breezy Skies, and Warrior Meatheads

Chag: Remember when I said the Exia review would be up by sometime around Wednesday? Well, that turned out to be a blatant lie as the new summer job was more tiring than I imagined, so sorry about that!

Anyhow, welcome to the fifth installment of Weekly Highlights! This week we have a full course of bishoujo figures on the way with no mecha entries. Without further ado, let’s get do it!

(Credit goes to Jianyan for the wonderful MS paint header image. I never thought any character’s face could resemble a wood-chipper so closely. GOOD JOB!)

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Review: MG Gundam Exia

MG Gundam Exia-023

As of the time of this writing, Hobby Hovel is currently reeling its most spectacular flop in recent history. It seems people just aren’t all that interested in over-muscled men in tight clothing (unthinkable, I know!). The MG Gouf Ver. 2.0 review I wrote while in China that is scheduled to go up in a couple of days consist of what I expect to be a very dry 2,000 word + rant that only the masochistic would read in its entirety. The situation is dire and I need to breathe some life back into Hobby Hovel, and what better way to do it than a review of Gundam 00’s original poster boy – Gundam Exia?

As the latest TV entry (no, Sangokuden doesn’t count) of the ever-expanding Gundam franchise, Gundam 00 probably doesn’t need an introduction. But in case you don’t know anything about it, here’s a little crash-course: About three hundred years in the future, in a time where humans no longer cry over oil spills thanks to the vast solar energy system built around the earth, a small private military group known as “Celestial Being” surfaces. The sole purpose of Celestial Being is to piss off every major world power with by butting into every armed conflict with their technologically advanced death machines known as Gundams. These Gundams, which are powered by green pixie dust (otherwise known as GN particles), are so far above the current level of weapons technology that they are virtually invulnerable (think Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit). One of these peace-enforcing death machines is known as Gundam Exia, piloted by a Kurdish former child-soldier with a fetish for pointy things. Together they merrily travel around the globe, making plenty of widows as they go.

…On second thought, you should probably refer to a Wikipedia entry or something for a synopsis if you need one.

Anyhow, being a MG kit of a recent main mobile suit, the MG Exia unsurprisingly received a lot of attention. Bandai, being the devious marketing genius that it is, foresaw this anticipation and released a special “Ignition Version” of this kit, which features metal-plated blade parts, LED light for the chest, and extra parts to make the Exia Repair (thanks for the reminder, hamstercorp!). Because I wasn’t crazy about the prospect of having shiny bits on an otherwise matte-finished model, I opted for the regular version. With out of the way, on with the review!

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