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Author: Chag

Review: Figma Saber (Armor Ver.)

figma Saber-004

In order to avoid a third consecutive gunpla review on this self-proclaimed multi-focus review blog, allow me take you back in time – back to the year 2008, when the Figma line was still in its stages of infancy. Though the has only begun, it had already secured licenses for a number of popular characters, one of them being none other than Saber from Fate/Stay Night, who is quite possibly the most merchandised character behind the Evangelion girls. Of course, being the Saber fanboy I am, I could only hold back my temptation for so long before caving in.

I was working an overnight summer job at the time, so during my hours of rest at home my ears were constantly on the alert for footsteps outside in hope for a mailman with my precious package. As the days passed, my anticipation grew to feverish heights. I’m sure I’ve spooked more than one neighbour with my crazed eyes as I peered outside of my window at the slightest footstep outside. Even when my body could no longer stand vigilant, the desire for that destined set of footsteps rampaged in my new collector’s mind, to a point where I would dream about receiving the package.

…In the end, I never got those footsteps that I craved for – only a delivery note instructing me pick up the package at the local post office. But perhaps more tragically, when I tore my Figma Saber out of her clear plastic prison, I found out the hard way that my self-inflated anticipation has betrayed me. While the Figma Saber (Armor Ver.) is not without merit, it suffers from too many serious flaws to warrant a recommendation.

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Weekly Highlights SPECIAL: Figures We Want from the Spring Season

Chag: Another season’s worth of anime has come and gone, and now everyone has been buzzing about the new-flanged summer season that’s been springing into action over the last couple of weeks. But before the spring season vanishes from the ADD-ridden minds of the modern generation, let’s take a moment and look back at some characters that desperately need the figure treatment!

Ashlotte: Hurray for ADD eh… Yea, after seeing the first episode of High School of the Dead I almost started forgetting last season already… Oh how fickle the mind of an anime viewer is! So let’s all try and jog our memories of the not-so-distant past and take a look at some good solid characters that we feel really deserve to be captured in PVC glory!

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Weekly Highlights: Fishmongering

Chag: Another week, another rant. Honestly, I’ve been in a sort of slump for the past week. But on the bright side: I finally figured out the basics of photoshop (well, PAINT.NET to be exact)! Them layers are some tricky business, I tell you… I almost gave up, but damn, if you’ve ever tried to draw a gundam head in MS paint, you would understand the urgency in learning to use a real image editing program.

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Weekly Highlights: Killer Capris, Breezy Skies, and Warrior Meatheads

Chag: Remember when I said the Exia review would be up by sometime around Wednesday? Well, that turned out to be a blatant lie as the new summer job was more tiring than I imagined, so sorry about that!

Anyhow, welcome to the fifth installment of Weekly Highlights! This week we have a full course of bishoujo figures on the way with no mecha entries. Without further ado, let’s get do it!

(Credit goes to Jianyan for the wonderful MS paint header image. I never thought any character’s face could resemble a wood-chipper so closely. GOOD JOB!)

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