If you asked my opinions on blogs in general one year prior, I probably would have made a reply somewhere along the lines of “frivolous barf-buckets of unwanted opinions and irrelevant rants”. Fortunately, personal experiences have intervened since then, and as I signed up on Blogger today, I possess a markedly different opinion. I now see the pleasure in sharing work one is passionate and proud of. I now see the benefit in regular exercises in writing. And I now see the potential and need of clear, informative reviews in English about certain items within my own interests.

Although this is still very much in the tentative stage, I intend to accomplish two things with this blog:
  1. To introduce my hobbies to the audience and offer helpful and concise information on the Japanese plamos, toys and figures within my possession via weekly reviews.
  2. To post news and links of other reviews that may be of interest to my intended audience on a daily basis. I plan to do this after producing around 4-5 reviews.
Whether or not I can actually follow my conviction, I am uncertain. But I end this post with positive conviction. Expect the first review to be posted this weekend.
Update (1/9/2010): Laughing at myself right now — daily updates? What was I thinking?