After I gave up posing the HG Barbatos Lupus, I picked up the Robot Damashii Sinanju to get a decent action pose shot that I wanted to get.

Besides being a lot less prone to falling apart, I really like Sinanju’s beam axes. Not only are they a lot more interesting to look at than the usual beam saber, the long curved shape also has the advantage of helping to imply some motion. After some some trial and error I eventually settled this pose, mostly because placing the weapon behind the subject allowed to frame the shot with less empty space.

The setup to this shot is pretty normal with one exception — I pointed the beam of rim light straight down at the beam saber. This makes the beam more shiny and less translucent, though the tip of the beam saber regrettably is not getting the effect. 

This has been a welcome reminder of how fun action figures are to photograph. Not having to constantly worry about scuffing paint or breaking brittle plastic is a welcome relief after handling model kits I’ve spent many hours completing. I don’t think playing with toys will ever stop being fun for me!