August – October, 2021

Three more months have come and past, and the only notable thing to report was a week-long trip to Vancouver. This was the second trip of this year and most certainly the crown jewel in this year’s streak of revenge spending. Without further ado, let’s just dive right into it.

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July, 2021

Another month’s now in the bag, and I’m finally back on the monthly schedule! This month was relatively eventful thanks to the first trip I had taken to a major city in exactly two years. But there’s also covid stuff to rant about, because these posts really cannot stop being a thinly-veiled covid journal, why don’t we just get on with it?


March – June, 2021

Hey folks, it’s been three months since I’ve last checked in. During these 3 months, Toronto went through an entire cycle of partial opening, subsequent lockdown, and back to partial opening. Looking back at the photos I was surprised to see that we ate out on a patio back in March, which felt like an eternity ago. 


January & February, 2021

On February 21st, my mother passed away from lung cancer. After a difficult seven-month fight, she passed in her sleep in the early morning.