Vocaloid Corner: Vocaloid 101 pt.1


Greetings boys and girls, and welcome to the next step in my bid to completely take over Chag’s blog, MWAHAHAHA!!

…Ok no, not really. Simply put, this started as a one-off figure-related article that sort of mutated into what you see now. As to whether this will continue on or not, I guess we will just have to wait and see, but for now this will be a little slice of the internet where I try to introduce a few little Vocaloid songs and PVs to y’all.

Figure Review

Review: 1/10 Makinami Mari Illustrious

P1000931 copyAlright then boys and girls, this was SUPPOSED to be a review of Ami’s Menace figure, but sadly the weather apparently has no love for me or half naked desert princess’s, so I’m going with something that could be shot on a cloudy overcast day that we’ve been having around here lately…

So with that said lets take a look a Mari from Wave.

Figure Review

Review: 1/7 Claudette "Lord of Thundercloud"

“Listen to some appropriately Epic Music for full effect”

Hola one and all from the tourist trap of the Americas!

Ah in any case it appears that while Chags is searching for my souvenir (No bootlegs though…Well if its a nice bootleg…) I’ve been left behind to entertain yall…Oh what a poor decision maker you are Chags. Me being the perv that I am of course the first thing I shall review on this fine upstanding site is a lovely half-naked warrior goddess who most easily becomes a topless warrior goddess!

“Dem Abs!”

Well then in any case he’s already gotten my intro out of the way earlier thankfully so hopefully you’ll enjoy reading this fluff piece as much as I enjoyed writing it eh!