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Review: Kuroneko & Kousaka Kirino (Sega Prize Figures)

New things are nice, aren’t they? When we discover something new there’s that sense of excitement, and so it was for me when I reviewed my first prize figure.

Sadly, because of that positive experience I went a bit…overboard (OMG DECENT QUALITY FIGURES FOR CHEAP!!!). With that one singular thought in my addled mind I sprinted off like a  rabid animal and ordered 2 more pairs of prize figures!

Probably not the best idea considering my display space issues honestly… But order them I did and they are now, so I guess we will see if they can live up to the high standard Asuka set!

As these figures do come in pairs I’m going to review them as such, so let’s start with Kuroneko and Kirino, shall we?


Visual Novel Reviews and Round-up: Dengeki Striker and School Days HQ

Well then, against all odds, it seems VN reviews will continue on! I had almost given up on it after playing several sub-par games in a row; while raging out can be fun from time to time, I wasn’t really crazy about spewing bile for an entire article. Thankfully I was saved by an extremely enjoyable game that I hadn’t expected in the least.

So this time round we’ll be covering Dengeki Striker and School Days HQ. I’ll also do a small section at the end and cover the various other English visual novels that have been released since the last review. First up will be Dengeki!

Figure Review

Review: 1/10 Beach Queens Ika Musume

Well then, it feels like it’s been quite some time since I last did a review (Chag: actually, to everyone else who’s reading the blog, it’s only been 2 weeks =P)  I guess that’s what happens when the few things you actually like are all delayed…But now I can finally break this long dry spell with the finally arrived Ika Musume!

Ika Musume is…errr…Ok noone is quite sure what she is actually. She claims to be a genuine squid (ika) given human form to protect the oceans, and her various abilities seem to support this claim, but even the person in question herself is unsure of how she went from a lowly squid to a full fledged squid girl.

Even with this identity crisis, she is hell-bent on “invading” humanity for its mistreatment of the world’s oceans. For better or worse, this rather serious sounding premise gives way quickly to a heartwarming comedy show that sees any attempt Ika makes at actually invading failing miserably and instead slowly integrating herself in with humanity (although she still does diligently clean up the trash along the beach and will occasionally remember she wants to conquer humanity.).

I had originally planned to cancel Ika here because I just haven’t been terribly impressed with Wave’s quality as it where, but as misfortune would have it, Hobby Search pulled a fast one on me changing their cancellation policy and thus I was suddenly stuck with her. Ironically, in that space of time Kotobukiya has also released their own Ika Musume, but for me I still liked this one better for her face and pose which played up her arrogant side more than the cutesy look Kotobukiya chose, so perhaps not being able to cancel this figure was a blessing in disguise? Let’s find out, shall we?

Figure Review

Review: 1/10 Beach Queens Kobayakawa Rinko


Ah…yea…Its been awhile hasn’t it…Probably forgot I even do reviews on this site! Well this will be the first of what should be 6 reviews I’ve been working on.

Meh well I won’t bore you with the details I’ll just say that all the delays were a product of some good and not-so-good reasons…So with that, let’s get back on the horse, shall we?

I do currently have more then half a dozen reviews written (although lacking photography), but I’ve decided to start this posting spree of a sorts with Rinko here…Why you say? Well…many reasons, but the most important would have to be because Rinko is effing awesome!!!