Miscellaneous Photography

January – April, 2023

As usual, the winter months in Canada aren’t known for being jam packed with photographic activity for me. The two weeks in Japan were also a tough act to follow, so I wasn’t overly anxious about producing more photos during the quiet winter months.

This year marks the 10-year anniversary of meeting my wife. We’ve always regarded this date as the most important date instead of the actual wedding. Part of the reason is that we went in all-in on the relationship astonishingly quickly, so much so that everything else become moot. We spent the day on a stay-cation in downtown Toronto, and it was nice to experience the city like a tourist.

I also went through a phase of packing bento lunches for a while. Even though I made the food in bulk on the weekend instead of every day like a real housewife, it was still quite a lot of work to prepare multiple dishes, and then also make dinner. I enjoyed the challenge nonetheless.

Oh, I finally took a “proper” photo of the MG Alex 2.0, but I quickly realized how little I want to touch this thing. The amount of work I did on the decals just makes the thought of damaging this and scuffing the coating unbearable. I think this is a cool pose though, so I’m perfectly content just to leave it the way it is.

Finally, as spring finally poked its head out at the end of April, we went to see the Cherry Blossoms at High Park again. Nothing too different this time around, though I have concluded that cherry blossoms look a lot better if there is something dark in the background for contrast. 

I will however comment on the practice of pink-ifying cherry blossoms in photography in general. These flowers are pink in the public imagination, even though the most common varieties are definitely mostly white. However, as if under sharing a mission to warp reality itself, people go out of their ways to crank the tint and saturation to achieve a stronger pink in these flowers. I have definitely been guilty of this in the past, but in my defense I blame anime.

That’s all I got this time. The weather has been pretty glorious as of late finally, so here’s hoping for a fruitful photo season in 2023!

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