Nendoroid Isabelle

Isabelle (or Shizue as she is known in the Japanese version of the Animal Cross) is cute. She’s damn cute. I mean, Animal Crossing knows a thing or two to make cute character in order to make their chore-simulator game work, but they really hit it out of the park here. With a pear-shaped face like that, it’s very hard not to feel a twinge when I beat the snot out of her in Smash Ultimate.

The wife has had this figure for quite a few years now, but for some reason I’ve never really tried to take photos if it. Maybe it’s because the bar is pretty high for Nendoroid photos (of which there are is so much of). Without a full set of props, why even bother?

…Well, technically I do have a pretty full set of props. A big-ass Calico Critters house decked out in furniture, to be more precise. The scale is a little smaller than perfect for Nendoroids, but it’s close enough. So here’s a shot of her in front of the door, along with a couple of other older shots of her.

Nothing too fancy here, but I did stick a orange-gelled flash inside the house pointing towards the door. This was to make it seem like the light is on indoors.

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