Figure Photography

Old School Asuka

I’m still bumming around with the idea of using colour gels on speed lights for background lighting on my curtain. Here’s a portrait of Asuka. Nothing much to say about this one besides I rather like angle of her — her smile looks more mischievous and less silly in this shot.

I was pretty apathetic towards the figure back in 2012, and the not much has changed then, save for another dose of disillusionment thanks to Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0. I find that every time the an old franchise is exhumed and paraded around on the streets, bits and pieces become undone, and I find it a little harder to remember why I cared for it in the first place. Evangelion had been the champ at shoddy spin-offs and poorly conceived merchandise, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Fate/Stay Night franchise has safely usurped the title by now.

As a bonus, here’s a shot I took from two years ago that I’ve never posted here. Happy belated Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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