Figure Photography

Kagamine Twins against Tin Foil

Now that the Japan posts are done and no longer occupy the back of my mind like a neglected child, I found myself feeling listless. Playing Breath of the Wild somehow isn’t the same when I’m not trying to procrastinate on something more important. I suppose forcing myself to write something down on the blog has also made me a bit nostalgic, so this is as good of a time as any to dabble back into figure photo game.

For this shot, I decided to give the wrinkled tin foil idea another try, hoping that this time the out of focus tin foil doesn’t look too obvious like the Luka photo I took before. To make sure of that, I put a lot of distance between the figure and the pieces of tin foil, the latter of which I clipped onto some curtains behind the figure. The goal is to create something shimmery that looks a bit like a concert crowd.

This version trades the hair light for blue gel flash on the tin foil.

Shooting two subjects at once has its own challenges. Because i was using a longer focal length, it took quite a bit of trial and error to find a desirable angle with both figures on the same plane of focus. Evenly lighting both figures with one light source was also a bit tricky since I wanted to use my second flash as a hair light. Still, with foam board reflector and a a graduated filter reducing the highlights on the left side of the image, I managed to make do.

You can see the setup in the photo above — the bokeh balls in the background are from the light bouncing off of the tinfoil in the background. I hope you found this interesting!

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