Vote for Chag in the GSC/Max Factory Photo Contest!

1/8 Dead Master

Like this photo? If so, then head on over to the fifth Wonder Hobby Photo Contest and rock the vote in my favour! It should be on the sixth row, fourth from the left. There’s no registration involved, and everyone gets to vote for 5 of their favourites in the top 200! There are a lot of great shots in the pool, so it’s well worth checking out. With your support and a LOT of luck, I just might end up winning one of the top prizes! Like a MacBook! Or a PS3! Or a…Nerf machine gun?? Hell, I’ll take it!

In other news, I’ve finally convinced Ashlotte to make a Twitter account! Make him feel welcome, Twitter peeps! =)

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Oh gee thanks sooo much for calling peoples attention to that…*groan*

Sigh despite that I’ll still help you out…Be grateful you get to pick five though because no way my conscience would allow me to not vote for Key’s awesome shot (5 down 2nd in). :p

Other then that I went with the lovely figma shot I remember from Tsuki (7th down first) for the absolutely awesome lighting, that really really nice Tama picture(10th down 9th in) because it has such great warmth to it, and lastly the Horo shot (9th down 10th in) because I had always wanted to see one of her with some sort of wheat or golden looking plants! :p

If there is any justice in the world, I should not win anything in this contest, as there are a lot of better entries in there. Thankfully I don’t believe in justice, so I’m going to take full advantage of my internet soapbox and whore for dem votes! What’s wrong with calling for some backup? Never underestimate the appeal of free junk. Dignity? What’s that? =P

Though to be honest, I am already pretty satisfied with making the top 200. Can’t wait to get my photobook in the mail. You should enter the next time as well! I know for a fact that you can blow most of these entries out of the water. What do you have against the contest, btw?

As for my 4 remaining votes, I haven’t completely made up my mind yet, but I know THIS is getting one of them.

Meh I might have tried if I had known the thing was open to foreigners. What I get for not getting around enough I guess… >_<

Where the heck did you learn about it?

I think it was a random post on the MFC aggregator that caught my attention, and it was from there that I learned the contest is open to foreigners. The registration page is only in Japanese, but I figured out the basics with Google translator and what remains of my knowledge in Chinese.

Hamstercorp mentioned the contest a couple of weeks ago on his blog as well, so if I had not seen that post on MFC, I would have found out through the contest anyways through him.

I need to get around to voting soon. There was a picture of Figma Yoshika enjoying the 1/4 bunny Asakura figurine that I thought was pretty funny.

The Nerf gun is a rather odd prize. I wonder if maybe Nerf is actually really rare in Japan or something.

Twitter…still don’t use one! People’s tweet pages just seem to be an unreadable mass of @’s and re-tweets anymore. Starting to feel like I’m missing out on quite the flow of information, but maybe it’s for the better.

The photo you mentioned is exactly why the Macross universe is FUCKING AWESOME.

Lurking on /toy/ has made me a little curious about Nerf guns, especially the Mavericks. I’m not sure what the Nerf gun is doing in the prize pool. I know people over there can get pretty hardcore into airsoft, but Nerf as well? Hmmmm. In any case, it’s probably a shameless product plug.

As for Twitter, in my experience it’s not as disorganized as you might think. the @’s only show up on your feed if both the author and the recipient are amongst those you are following. Of course, the experience depends on who and how many you are following. Avoid Twitter shitters, and I think you’ll find it interesting!

Doesn’t Macross have characters that are half-human/half-giant person or some such? I wonder how that worked…

Twitter…shitters?! Well, one other thing keeping me from starting to use Twitter is that I know I’m going to spend the first ten minutes spewing out a non-stop stream of tweets that basically amount to, “I’m typing a tweet!”, “I’m typing a tweet about typing a tweet!”, “I just inhaled!”, “OH CRAP GOTTA EXHALE”. I don’t think anyone wants to see that! Getting active on Twitter would probably only compound my desire to get a Droid phone, too.

And then I’d probably end up following a bunch of wacky Japanese Twitters that I can’t even read like the ones Type-Moon made for some of their characters.

Oh yeah, Max and Milia had a kid, if I’m not mistaken. I’ve never watched Macross 7, so I don’t know either. I sure hope the giantess gene is the dominant one.

Yes, Twitter shitters. Would you really document your bodily functions? Reading about your breathing cycles might be…interesting in its own right. =P

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