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Author: Chag

Japan Post #2: Meiji Shrine and Sensō-ji


The Meiji Shrine

Before the concrete jungle of Tokyo rose from the ground and before the messy international conflicts of the 20th century, Japan was but a feudal society a mere 150 years ago. What seems like a distant past is actually but a stone’s throw away, and the shrines of Tokyo are a reminder of that past that’s still very much alive. For our trip, my wife and I checked out Meiji Shrine & Sensō-ji, two of the most famous in Tokyo. Read more »

Japan Post #1: Tsukiji


After getting married in February and begrudgingly having a reception dinner seven months later, my wife and I decided to celebrate the occasion with a pilgrimage to the weeaboo holy land. Ever since we came back, I’ve been asked by people about how our trip was. The answer to that question is surprisingly complicated. My experience in Japan has been exhilarating, tiring, eye-opening, frustrating, and everything in-between. Over the next few weeks I will try to finally unload the trip through words and images.
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Miku on Orange


As the least photographed figure in my collection with no reviews written about it, I’ve always meant to take more photos of my LAT Hatsune Miku figure. So I decided to take it out of its glass prison for a spin and see what falls out. It was an indoors shoot with no backdrop setup, but I’ve gotten sick of shooting figure against black and was in the mood for something slightly different. Read more »

Tips & Tricks: Basic Post-Processing in Adobe Lightroom


As I had mentioned in my last post, I had gone through all of my photos recently. The one harsh conclusion that came out of this undertaking was that I didn’t have a clue when it came to editing my photos for much of the past seven years.

Under the mistaken assumption that I knew what I was talking about, I made a video on the subject of post-processing a few years ago. Today I can’t even bear to watch it again, because I know it placed embarrassingly disproportionate emphasis on a small number of adjustments, utilizing very few of the available tools. Thankfully, I’ve pieced together a more coherent editing process since then, mostly through trial and error plus the occasional YouTube video. It has taken me far too long to learn so little, and I really wish I had made an effort to learn more about this subject earlier on.

All this dreary talk brings me to the purpose of this post: just because I took ages to get a clue doesn’t mean you have to! This tutorial is meant to be a starting point for anyone looking to get into post-processing in Adobe Lightroom (or any similar photo-processing application). I will go through all of the common adjustments and then briefly explain the purpose of each. By the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of the various options available to enhance your image!
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