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Author: Chag

Selective Colour Robot Soldier

Here’s another shot I took of the Laputa robot soldier music box a while ago that I shared on Instagram. I decided to go the black & white approach because I find the moss green colour on the figure to be pretty unpleasant. However, removing the colour from the shot made the flower in the hand hard to notice, hence the selective red colour to bring it out.
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Kagamine Twins against Tin Foil

Now that the Japan posts are done and no longer occupy the back of my mind like a neglected child, I found myself feeling listless. Playing Breath of the Wild somehow isn’t the same when I’m not trying to procrastinate on something more important. I suppose forcing myself to write something down on the blog has also made me a bit nostalgic, so this is as good of a time as any to dabble back into figure photo game.
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Japan Post #5: Shopping Districts & Fujikawaguchiko

As I had mentioned in my previous post, Tokyo has a particularly strong focus on its shopping districts as its main attractions. This is a city that’s good at hawking its wares — perhaps too good. In this last post on our trip, I’ll talk about these shopping districts and their effect on the overall experience, as well as our last leg of our trip to the resort town of Fujikawaguchiko. It’s a mixed bag with some highs and lows, along some lessons and reflections at the end.
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Japan Post #4: Nerd Stuff

When people ask me why we took a trip to Japan, there are a few ways to respond. I could say it’s for the food or the sights, and that wouldn’t technically be a lie, but being a reader of this blog, you know perfectly well that everything ultimately traces back to our deep-rooted interest in the cartoons.

If this trip had happened a few years ago, I’m certain this post would be an even more unbearable spiel about bulging suitcases of loot and devastated wallets. But times have changed, and while we still keep up to date with what’s going on with anime, we only watch a couple of shows per season, and all but completely stopped collecting merch, so we didn’t come to Japan looking to buy anything in particular.

All this has made planning the trip a little tricky: how much time should one dedicate to shopping hubs when one has no real intention to buy? Should I write off other destinations off the itinerary just to allocate more time to the geek-oriented destinations? It would be a question that I would end up overthinking about.
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