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Author: Chag

Swimsuit Clalaclan

It’s been a few months since my last post, and since then I’ve upgraded my trusty D7000 to a D7500. I’ve also acquired a Godox TT350, a small speedlight unit with TTL functionality. Though I didn’t buy it for figure photos, the extra light source does broaden out my options a bit, which brings me to this shot.

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Potionmaster Tharja

A few weeks ago, I came across some small potion-like glass bottles at a packaging store. I picked them up in hopes of incorporating them into a photo with Tharja. At the time, I remembered Tharja as a characer who’s obsessed with making potions, but since then I’ve realized that I completely mixed her up with Suzy from Little Witch Academia — oops.

My poor memories of the character aside, I want to talk a bit about photo. The figure was set on top of my stool with a softbox flash as key light, foamcore board reflector as fill, and a flash with a grid and red gel on it as a spotlight on the curtain backdrop. Here are some of the thought processes behind the shot. Read more »

Sunset Selvaria

After lurking around on Flickr and Instagram for inspiration in recent days, I once again felt the need to do something different for my figure photos.  I wanted to do something from the comfort of my own home, and thankfully there was an idea right outside my balcony. Read more »

Mid-Swing Sinanju

After I gave up posing the HG Barbatos Lupus, I picked up the Robot Damashii Sinanju to get a decent action pose shot that I wanted to get. Read more »

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