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Author: Chag

Rembrandt Aegis

Here’s a shot of Alter’s Aegis with Rembrandt lighting, as well as rim lighting from directly behind the subject. The latter proved to be difficult, because I had to aim the flash gun from 6 feet away, and any small change in angles would ruin the alignment.

Rembrandt lighting is a technique name after the Dutch painter of the same name. It involves lighting the subject from off to one side at approximately 45 degree angle. This forms pleasing shadows over the face,  most noticeably a triangular patch of light on the side furthest from the light.

This technique may not work well for all anime figures because many of them lack noses significant enough cast a shadow, but thankfully Aegis does.

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Dead Master and a Vase

There are two challenges with photographing Good Smile Company’s Dead Master figure for me: the dark outfit tend to blend into the background…and dust. While there’s not much I can do about the latter besides brushing the figure and spot removal in post-processing, I did manage to stumble onto something neat about the former.

The original plan was just to blast some green light on the the background. Since that shtick is getting old, I figure I’d mix it up by shooting the green-gelled flash through a glass vase in hopes of producing some interesting effect.

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Old School Asuka

I’m still bumming around with the idea of using colour gels on speed lights for background lighting on my curtain. Here’s a portrait of Asuka. Nothing much to say about this one besides I rather like angle of her — her smile looks more mischievous and less silly in this shot.

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Swimsuit Clalaclan

It’s been a few months since my last post, and since then I’ve upgraded my trusty D7000 to a D7500. I’ve also acquired a Godox TT350, a small speedlight unit with TTL functionality. Though I didn’t buy it for figure photos, the extra light source does broaden out my options a bit, which brings me to this shot.

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