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Author: Chag

Review: 1/7 Selvaria Bles (Swimsuit ver.)

Let me tell you about my favourite video game. Once upon a time there was a game called Valkyria Chronicles, a strategic RPG from Sega that featured a unique mix of turn-based and real-time action, an appealing storybook aesthetic, an amazing WWII-meets-medieval art design, and a riveting story that took me on a variety of missions, from small skirmishes, to fighting in the trenches, to avoiding night-time patrols, to fending off some of the most oversized pieces of war machinery you’ll ever see. Part of me want sequels to the game, yet another part of me is grateful for that fact that none exist — I mean, imagine if the franchise ended up on the PSP! Gee, what a nightmare that would be!

My favourite character is definitely Selvaria, one of the antagonists of the story. In many ways she is akin to the Ayanami Rei from Evangelion — they both have blue hair, red eyes and pale skin. In fact, Selvaria was supposed to have virtually the same haircut as Rei before it was decided that she had to have long hair to show off the hair physics in some of the scenes. The similarity between these characters extend even down to their personalities, as they are both “empty vessel” characters who are devoted to an exploitative figure because they are the only people they have. For Rei it was Gendo, and for Selvaria it was Maximillian, the power-hungry Imperial prince with way too many toys at his disposal.

The art design in Valkyria Chronicles is outstanding, and like the rest of the main characters, Selvaria has a really cool outfit — a sleek black military outfit that brings out her womanly curves and her no-nonsense sensibility simultaneously. Alter has made a figure with her in that outfit, and sadly I missed the boat for it. Luckily for me, Alter decided to take another stab at the character, I wasn’t about to pass it up.

I know quite a few people who have been excited about this figure, and I’m sure they have their own explanations on why Selvaria appeals to them, but to me, the reason is that she’s maximum woman. Virtually all of the feminine characteristics have been cranked up to 11, and while this might have been a disaster, character designer Raita has the know-how to make it work, and by extension, Alter was also able make such an exaggerated image so appealing. Read more »

Double H (?): Episode 12 — The Raptor Invasion


  • 01:34 — Cheerful Japan Miku
  • 09:37 — Alter’s swimsuit Fate
  • 13:08 — Max Factory’s Luka
  • 17:33 — Orchid Seed’s Nurse Sonico
  • 21:21 — Banpresto’s prize event
  • 34:23 — Chag badly struggles to wrap up the show

Remember that livecast idea we mentioned last time? Well, it’s actually going to be a THING now! During this past weekend Ashlotte, Ohnoraptors and I decided to try doing a non-live recording with the three of us to test the waters, and the result is this, here in completely unedited form. I figure that since we’ll be doing the future episodes live, it’s only makes sense to give you a taste of what to expect. Yup, this has nothing to do with me reaching Battlemaster on SWTOR and wanting to grind for some of that new pvp gear at all — honest!

But in all seriousness, this was our first and only go, and I think it turned out pretty well! Sure, there was some awkwardness in the beginning, but as the episode progressed, we all became a lot more comfortable. Personally, listening to Kiki just puts a big smile on my face. Between Ashlotte’s grumpiness and my awkwardness, I often worry that we don’t come off as enthusiastic about the plastic ladies as we really are. That’s why when I hear Kiki gush about the Homura’s little bow or talk about the colours of Luka and Miku’s panties, I can’t help but to smile.

So, what do you think, and more importantly, what should this newly-assembled thing be called? I thought about the logical extension “Triple H”, but that just sounds like a porno. So yeah, give us ideas, or this podcast will be forever named “Hot Glue”. Best name ever, amirite?

As for future plans, we’re going to bang our heads against the technical side of the livecast this weekend, and if all goes well, we will be starting on the weekend after that. When we decide on a time and place, I’ll let you all know through the blog, YouTube and Twitter. In the meantime, start coming up with those Q&A questions, because I have a feeling they’ll be hilarious when answered live.

Double H: WonFes Winter 2012

We’re back! After 4 months we’re finally back to yakking about figures over Skype and posting it on the Internet. Of course, given our generally abysmal work ethic, it takes a damn good reason to get our asses back in gear, but I’d say the biannual occasion that is WonFes more than qualifies for a “good reason”. Unfortunately, my annoying speech quirks are also back in full force, but I suppose you’ll just have to DEAL WITH IT as we give you the lo-down on what we think is hot (or not-so-hot) at the event. Read more »

The Adventures of Captain Lobo Vore, Republic Privateer

Lobo and his loyal crew.

Yep, it’s a new post.

Nope, it’s not anything remotely figure-related!

Ash and I have been playing a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic lately on the Republic side of Juyo. Both of us have leveled at a character to 50 (the maximum level). So since I’m in a rantful mood, I figure I’m going to write a tl;dr post that’s probably completely irrelevant to the interests of most of you! I suppose this is kind of a review (though admittedly my last “real” MMO was Burning Crusade in WoW), but also kind of an update post — now you know what Ash and I have been wasting our time with instead of blogging about figures!

WTF is The Old Republic?

TOR is Bioware’s big entry into the MMO market. Backed by Electronic Arts, this Star Wars game is rumoured to have cost anywhere from $80 million to $300 million to produce. The game is heavily story driven and features fully voice-acted dialogue, boasting over 200,000 lines. Though the gameplay is very similar to World of Warcraft (as people often call it “WoW in space”, one might say it’s the bastard child of a traditional MMO and a single-player RPG. What do I mean by that? Well, read on~ Read more »

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