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Author: Ashlotte

Review: 1/8 Ranka Lee (N.A. ver.)

N.A. Ranka

Hola all! Originally I was going to write 3 reviews to commemorate the first Macross Frontier Movie release on DVD, but sadly because of me being me, things got delayed for one reason or another, and now 3 reviews has become 2. And to top it off, we are now celebrating the theatrical release of the second movie instead of the first because — that’ss just how long I’ve been sitting on this review… *cough*

The fact that I’m only doing Ranka reviews has nothing to do with my own personal preferences character-wise, but rather it’s more because I think noone has made a good Sheryl figure yet! As you can imagine, it’s far easier for companies to make cute little Ranka figures instead of successfully capturing the more subtle adult charms of Sheryl, so Ranka shall be who we are focusing on!

N.A. Ranka

"Wardrobe malfunction fun!"

I am quite a Ranka fan. More specifically, I am especially fond of her voice. While Sheryls bombastic songs and voice suits the series almost perfectly, I’ve found it’s Ranka’s songs that I still listen to on a daily basis. They’re all almost perfect pieces of pop indulgence and just work oh-so-perfectly on repeat listenings. So yea…Ranka the character = Meh (Although the Movie improved her character a good deal which I was grateful for). Thankfully, Ranka the performer is quite another thing altogether with her beautiful voice, sweet charm, cute outfits, and of course “Kira!”.

Anyway, with me being the giant perv and DFC afficionado that I am, we shall begin with the figure that has the least amount of clothes!: MegaHouse’s delightfully overexposed N.A. version! Read more »

Review: Souryuu Asuka Langley (Fruits Punch ver.)

Well, the clouds are in the sky and I’m stuck with a flu miserably inside…Sounds like the perfect time to write a review! Just have to add it to the pile of figures sitting around waiting for photos… *sigh*

I think I try to be a well rounded collector. I’ve bought every type of figure from hand-painted resin garage kits to vinyl figures. There are, however, still a few types of figures that I still didn’t own at any of and prize figures would be one of those few.

Because of my general lack of space, I tend to steer clear of prize figures because of their relatively low quality, but as I said, I like to try a little of everything, so lets see what 20 bucks can buy these days, shall we?


“STRAWBERRIES!!! Haha yea I went kinda crazy this time…”

Read more »

Review: 1/8 Masou Shizuka

P1000995 copy

Well, the rain may have let up, but the clouds still linger. so y’all are gonna have to bear with Alter’s Masou Shizuka this time instead of Menace!

I’ve actually had this figure for a long time now, but I struggled with how to photograph her in a way that would do justice to her bright color scheme… Don’t know if I succeeded here, but hopefully it’s ok (I feel like I’ve gotten woefully rusty in my skill lately… Lack of motivation?).

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Vocaloid Corner: The Depression of Kaai Yuki


Source: Plus7

Sorry about this Vocaloid Corner being delayed, folks (not to mention the change of subject from what was proposed last time). Lots of stuff happened etc. etc. Honestly, it’s probably easiest just to blame Chags, because that’s what I do all the time! :p

So anyway, we’re gonna take a look at Kaai Yuki this week.

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