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Author: Ashlotte

Ash Recommends: Spring 2012 Anime Season

Greetings all and welcome to my latest attempt at making sure this blog doesn’t appear completely dead, a mid-season recommendation list! The reason for this article mostly came from the fact that every season it seems I have numerous people ask me about whats worth watching, so I figured hey why not just make a central article that I can link people instead of continually repeating myself!

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Visual Novel Reviews: My Girlfriend is the President, Deardrops, and Kamidori Alchemy Master

Hello there people and welcome to some more Visual Novel talk!

So since the last article seemed to be pretty well received I figured I’d go ahead with the whole Visual Novel review idea! The not so small problem with that idea is I’m not really a “standard” reviewer at heart so instead of full fledged by the books reviews I’m simply going to do some short write ups on each game mostly focusing on the good and the bad, then at the end give my final verdict of whether I think its worth playing.

Most likely I’ll wait until I have at least 2 games played and probably no more then 5 before randomly slapping one of these together, as it takes quite some time to get through a game in its entirety!

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Ash Recommends: Visual Novels

Hello all! It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted on the blog hasn’t it? Although sadly this is not a figure review (I will get back to those in the future — honest!), it is about something that’s just as near and dear to my heart…Visual Novels!

You might be more familiar with the term Eroge and really the only difference between it and Visual Novels is Eroge is used for games that contain sex (aka ero) so you’ll probably see me use both terms in the article.

So what exactly is this post all about? Well, I guess you could call it a recommendations list of translated VN’s. While highly enjoyable, these games can take a significant time investment and as someone whose played…well let’s just say a considerable amount of them, I thought I would offer this list as a way to help ease people into the genre in the least painful way possible!

Now a few caveats before we start…For one this list is highly subjective. Now I know opinion in general is by its nature subjective, but to me VN’s invoke this more then anything else. So just because something isn’t listed here doesn’t mean I think it’s bad — tather it’s just wasn’t something to my liking (Kara no Shoujo is a good recent example of this). Also I don’t touch games before they’ve been fully translated so something like say…Little Busters (still waiting for the Ecstasy content to be translated) or Steins:Gate (still waiting for the translation to be properly edited and a few other things to be translated) so that would be why a few games you might know and love aren’t on here as well!

This list is going to be in alphabetical order and I will provide a link for each one to its respective VNDB link that can provide you with all the info you’d need (genre, story synopsis, places you can buy and/or translators site). So lets get to it, shall we? Read more »

Review: Ex_resinya! Fate Testarossa

Greetings one and all to…ummm…yea, it’s yet another crap weather day month! Yaaay~

So if it’s gonna be melancholy weather why not go with a melancholy character? Today will take a look at Fate-chan by Cospa.

It’s a rather odd that for all my love for the Nanoha series, I have yet to get a Fate figure until now. Part of that has to do with none of them quite having the look I’d like, and the other would be that I’m not actually the biggest Fate fan. I’m ok with her younger self, but she loses a lot of appeal as she ages in the series for me, whereas I think Nanoha just gets better and better!

The one thing I had hoped for was a pair of Nano and Fate figures that really fit together well, because in addition to getting me into loli, the series also got me into yuri thus I adore the two of them as a pair. With the releases of the new movie it looked like my wish might finally be granted with several companies making paired figures of the two, but sadly these all fell flat for one reason or another…

The Wave Beach Queen figures are extremely sub par looking (Especially Fate), the FREEing figures look like trading figures with their tiny size and woefully low quality, and lastly the Cospa figures are absurdly overpriced (After I had already written this Koto actually announced a nice pair of the two as well.). Thankfully, Cospa Fate has been going on sale a lot lately and I decided to take the plunge when AmiAmi put a big fat discount on her! Read more »

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