Jotaro Kujo

Here’s another instalment with my low-key experiments! Did you know Hirohiko Araki (the mangaka of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure) modelled Jotaro’s personality after Clint Eastwood? Even the pose in this figure has a bit of a Dirty Harry feel to it. Since I had been on a low-key stint, this figure was the perfect candidate from some dramatic lighting.


I bought a dirt-cheap stool recently so that I can reposition the tripods in all directions with greater ease. For this shot I used hard spotlight for rim lighting and a diffused light source overhead. The rim lighting is to separate the subject from the background and create a sharp silhouette The overhead light is something I happened upon after repositioning the light a bunch of times. It reminded of interrogation rooms in movies where there’s only one light bulb in the entire room — fitting for a character whose first appearance is in the jail cell of a police station.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the anime of Jojo part 4! I never got around to finished Diamond is Unbreakable because the only scanlation available back then were unbearably bad. David Production may boast the best animation, but they can be counted on to faithfully re-create the manga to an almost obsessive degree. From what I’ve seen of part 4, it’s full of the stranger stand powers that makes part 3 so enjoyable, so I’m optimistic!