Between Guild Wars 2, busy shifts at work, and clumsy attempts at home decoration, I haven’t felt like shooting photos of figures like I was supposed to this past week. So it’s time for another filler post, this time showing off my room from before the move and my room now. Without further ado, prepare for a critical mass of IKEA!

Old Room

My old room was pretty small, and as such, I had to utilize virtually every inch of flat surface on the furniture to display figures. On the bookshelves, television, desk, stereo — every bit of real estate of put to use. Because of the amount of shit I had the and relative small size of the room, the place got very messy very often, but if nothing else, the place was cozy.

I took these photos back in April 2011 thinking I would use them for a filler post of some sort, and now they have finally fulfilled their destiny!

New Room

A year later, I would find myself under a new roof after moving out. My new room is probably three times the size of the old one, and as such, it had to be furnished. Thankfully, there’s an IKEA nearby, and now my places looks like a poorly arranged IKEA showroom.

Right on top of my checklist when I first walked into IKEA were a pair of Detolf display cabinets. Elegant, cheap, and very welcoming of light, it’s not hard to see why these things are popular. My current two display cases aren’t fully occupied, which may surprise some of you, but I have actually got rid of quite a few figures over the past couple of years. Saber Lily, Alvis, Rei, Kirino — all of them got the boot, for one reason or another. On the other hand, I’ve never gotten rid of any of my models because I get pretty attached to them through the building process. Except for the Master Grade Zeta Gundam — there’s a reason it doesn’t get a place in the cabinet. Fuck that thing, argh.

The cabinets are illuminated with Grundtal lights, which I don’t actually recommend. While cheap and easy to set up, they produce a little too much heat for comfort. Having a heat source so close to PVC figures isn’t a terribly smart thing to do, and I wish I had bought the Dioder LED lights. They might be more expensive and more complicated to set up, but the Dioders produce more even lighting while giving off very little heat. With that said, I used the lights a lot for around the first two weeks and haven’t noticed any permanent damage to my figures. Though I’m not going to leave it on overnight like before, I think I’ll keep them around for when I want to show off to guests (or to scare away the women).

I see a lot of “battlestation” threads on /toy/ and /v/, but my desk is actually pretty plain. Asides from Gollum touching himself, itlooks remarkably normal. I used to keep my Petit Nendos lined up underneath the monitor, but they kept on getting knocked around. I should probably get a bigger desk next time I go to IKEA, but I’ve spent enough money there recently furnishing the living room. Maybe I’ll show that off another day!

There’s not much else to say, really. I really like how much space there is in the new room. I like being able to spin around in my chair without bumping into anything, I like not slamming into the wall when I roll over in bed, and I like singing embarrassing Disney songs around the apartment without people thinking I’m crazy. Except for my roommate, but he knew what he was getting into.

So there you have it — my humble abode, my iron fortress, my chip wood dungeon. It’s not always this clean and tidy, but lately I’ve been a bit of a neat freak about the apartment, turning it into an oversized and expensive dress-up doll of sorts, suddenly installing working curtains despite living without them for four months. On that note, I’d like to ask you guys: what are some cheap & effective ways to spice up the room? I’ve come a long way since this, but there’s still work to be done and empty space to be colonized. Hit me with your suggestions while I work on an actual review for next week!