We’re back! After 4 months we’re finally back to yakking about figures over Skype and posting it on the Internet. Of course, given our generally abysmal work ethic, it takes a damn good reason to get our asses back in gear, but I’d say the biannual occasion that is WonFes more than qualifies for a “good reason”. Unfortunately, my annoying speech quirks are also back in full force, but I suppose you’ll just have to DEAL WITH IT as we give you the lo-down on what we think is hot (or not-so-hot) at the event.

  • 01:40— Hagenai stuff!
  • 09:18— Chara-Ani’s Erio and Fear
  • 13:28— Alter & Max Factory’s Menma
  • 17:49— Max Factory’s Luka
  • 20:47— Madoka stuff!
  • 24:23— Ash bitches about the continued absence of Mikan (Orchid Seed Yui)
  • 26:32— Native stuff!
  • 30:15— Persona 4 stuff!
  • 33:27— FREEing’s fortress Nanoha
  • 36:19 — Stocking, Mass Effect, Chag’s Nendo temptation & BRS stuff

Is it just me, or has our tastes grown pervier since last time? With all this emphasis and tits and/or asses, this may be the end of our “good taste” as we know it. In any case, what did you think of this Wonder Festival? What were your biggest hits and misses? Let us know in the comments!

(By the way, while we might have said that we’re doing away with the weekly updates, Ash and I do have some a potentially cool alternative planned for the near future — we’re thinking of doing a weekly figure livecast with our good buddy Ohnoraptors. The idea is still very much in its infancy, but when we settle on a concrete plan and start date, I’ll be sure to let everyone know — whether they want to or not! >=D)