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Yearly Archives: 2011


Chag, Miku and the Great Outdoors!

Up until about two weeks ago, the WordPress phase of Hobby Hovel did not include author names as part of its theme. But no one complained about it, probably because it was pretty obvious who was responsible for which reviews – Ashlotte is the guy who takes his photos under the radiance of Apollo, and I’m the guy who shoots everything in front of a flat black backdrop.

To be honest, I didn’t think too much of my lack in creativity – clear review shots were my thing, and I didn’t mind taking the silver medal (even if there are only two contestants). But while I was busy not receiving figures and being skull-fucked by school, Ashlotte was busy making some really great outdoor shots for his reviews with his humble point-and-shoot. To top things off, Ashlotte recently got a DSLR camera, and even a test shot with it was enough to seize Picture of the Day on MFC.

Needless to say, I started feeling the pressure. While figure blogging has never been a competition for me, I’d rather not be completely upstaged on the site that I started. You know what they say: “If you can’t beat them, join them!” And that’s what I exactly what happened – I did the unthinkable:

I went outside. Read more »


Review: 1/8 Yashiro Kasumi

I believe I have the power to control the weather! How do I know this? Because every time I make up my mind to photograph some reviews the weather turns to crap! Awesome power, right? *sigh*

Anyway enough of my despairing…Time to review something I received recently, but is far from a new release. Read more »


Double H: Episode 0 (UPDATED)

I dropped a few hints over twitter over the past couple of months, but here it is — the pilot episode of “Double H” — Hobby Hovel’s podcast!

This week we talk about the GSC Triela (whose name I had a very hard time pronouncing), Alpha Max’s Takamura Yui, and the Real Action Heroes Black Rock Shooter. As always, there’s plenty of off-topic talk in-between.

The reason why I call this “episode 0” is because the point of this episode was to test the waters to see if a video podcast would be technically feasible and whether Ash and I are suited to doing something like this. It turns out recording and editing the audio and video isn’t very hard at all! Also, Ash and I had a lot of fun recording this over Skype, even though we were both a little nervous at first, since we had no clue as to how this would turn out. ^^;

Lessons learned from this:

  • Ash and I both plan on getting new microphones. While the audio quality is bearable, it’s certainly nothing to write home about. There’s also static in the background on Ashlotte’s end, which he was not very happy about.
  • Now that we’ve broken  ourselves in, we need to start working on our annunciation — there were too many instances of “you know” in our conversation. =/
  • Also, I should have merged the two audio streams. As it stands, my voice is popping out of the left speaker and Ashlotte’s voice from the right — pretty uncomfortable if you’re wearing headphones. (Fixed!)

With the disclaimer out of the way, I hope you guys enjoy this as much as we did! Any comment and feedback would be much appreciated, and look forward to Double H hitting full swing in the very near future!

*Update* a few more things I’m planning to address:

  • Length — I’m hoping to keep the next episode under 15 minutes. We made too many tangents that were fun to us, but not so fun for the audience. We’re going to improve on the notes and the general flow of the show, as well as keeping the intro and outro brief. Also, it would be great if each episode could fit onto Youtube.
  • Less description, more opinion — For one reason or the other, both of us were more moderate in our opinions than usual. We should definitely express our likes and dislikes with greater gusto and talk about thing that aren’t mere observations. Forgetting to talk about what we like/dislike about a figure is a pretty big no-no.
  • Talking about pirating a game on a podcast is not a good idea, even if the game isn’t localized.

So we have a lot of work to do, but I’m definitely looking forward to next week when we get a chance to put all the feedback to good use! Until then, if you have the time, I would LOVE some more constructive criticism. I want to make Double H a success, I want to see it grow, and the best way to do that is by starting off strong. Help us do that by dropping what you think in the comments (or email!), and I would be infinitely grateful.


Review: Revoltech Gunbuster

Revoltech Gunbuster

Good lord, it’s been no less than five months since my last mecha-related review! Since then this place has fallen to the wiles of these hordes of plastic harlots! I wonder whether if all the mecha-oriented readers have left by this point. I sure hope not, because after a two-month break from reviews, it’s time to reward the faithful. Besides, I can’t let Ashlotte run the show here forever!


"The Pose" – a time-honoured GAINAX tradition.

The 1988 OVA Aim for the Top! (also known as Gunbuster overseas) is gem of the mecha genre. Created by GAINAX, Gunbuster is known for many things. It’s one of the only sci-fi anime to portray the effect of time dilation. It also pioneered the Gainax jiggle – the use of distracting breast physics that we all know and love. But most importantly, it’s known for the gigantic super robot that kill millions of aliens while assuming The Pose, as well as its young pilot Takaya Noriko, whose innocent visage belies the soul of a true badass. Protip: never underestimate the willpower of a girl when blistering lesbian passion is involved.

But we’re not here to talk about lesbians (at least not today) – we’re here for the long-overdue mecha review. Long story short: The Revoltech Gunbuster is a good toy, but it suffers from a very questionable design decision. What do I mean by that? Find out after the jump! Read more »

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