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Yearly Archives: 2011


Double H: Episode 4

Fact: recording audio is a lot more fun when you aren’t spewing out various bodily fluids from multiple orifices on your body.

This week we get all bitchy about little plastic girls. This will also be the first episode that we’re putting on and MFC. I hope our negativity doesn’t put too many people off, but considering the public outrage against ATROCITY RIN, it seems like people love a good verbal thrashing!

  • 0:14 – Max Factory’s Hatsune Miku Append Version
  • 7:38 – FREEing’s Makoto Nanaya

As usual, if you liked the episode, please consider liking/favouriting the video on YouTube and telling your homies how charming/handsome/great in bed we are!


Review: 1/7 Menace Review (NSFW)

Hey there all, I’ve finally recovered enough from doing that horrid Yukari review and subsequent gaming binge to get back to reviewing! And to start us off after that trainwreck we have Menace, a figure that I’ve taken forever to actually photograph! Read more »


Double H: Episode 3 & Outtakes Volume 1

This week, I fight the cough & sniffles while Ashlotte busts out his delicious southern accent. To any cyber-mounties inspecting this site: the child-loving views of my partner do not reflect that of my own!

  • 0:30 – Good Smile Company’s Hachikuji Mayoi
  • 8:05 – Max Factory’s Kaname Madoka Figma

Hit the jump for more! Read more »


Chag’s Anime North 2011 Adventure

Ah, Anime North – the annual pilgrimage for tens of thousands of weeaboos in the northeastern part of North America. I have been to the convention four times thus far, but during those visits I tended to stick exclusively to my group of friends and typically wandered aimlessly through the dealer’s room and outdoors amongst the cosplayers. I’ve always had a good time, and it’s hard not to – combine in a group of good friends and the infectious cheerfulness on the convention grounds, and the good times come to you by themselves.

But this year my plan was different – maybe it’s because of blogging, but I was eager to meet new people and do new things. I paid 55 bucks to get into this freak show, and by God I was going to make good of every penny! If Anime North was a seal, then I would be the hungry Eskimo, waiting to descend on his prey and take every chunk of it back to his igloo.

In Canada, Hockey season is ALWAYS on — even during an Anime Convention.

So how did the convention turn out? The shorter answer would be that it was like a rollercoaster ride – both fun and nauseating. As for the long answer, hit the jump to find out! Read more »

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