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Yearly Archives: 2011


Double H: Q&A Vol. 5

  • 0:17 — What is your favorite anime series?
  • 3:55 — Since you guys have worked together for a while, have you ever thought of actually meeting up and hanging out?
  • 5:32 — If you’ve reviewed a figure and disliked it while you reviewed it, would you ever sell that figure? If yes, would you still sell it near the market value even if you were not satisfied by it?
  • 7:47 — So, you guys frequent MFC right? What do you think it’s the criteria for selecting the picture of the day/week/month? Have you had your pictures featured before?

Chag: Well, it’s been a few weeks — did you miss us? No?? =(

I wish I had interesting excuses for these delays, but sadly I have no such luck. The week before the last was skipped due to a general lack of figures we wanted to talk about, and last week was skipped due to…Ashlotte sleeping through the entire afternoon. To make up for that, we recorded this Monday morning, but between my fickleness of my new microphone and the inconsistencies of the Skype service, the recording came out very rough. It wasn’t unusable, but since we were already late to the point, spending multiple evenings editing the audio just didn’t make sense to me anymore. Thankfully the Q&A was salvageable, so here it is — better late than never, right?

Slightly more complicated is the future of Double H. I’ve recently acquired a temporary job. It doesn’t pay much, but it’s easy as hell. Unfortunately, since it is full-time, doing our usual Friday afternoon recordings is no longer an option. A normal person would instead move the session to the evening or over the weekend, but due to my personal circumstances, they’re not an option to me. As it stands right now, I can’t make any promises, but I’ll try my best to figure out a solution. Until then, bear with us!

As usual, if you’ve got questions, leave them here (or Twitter or Formspring) and we’ll get to them. Until next time!


Review: 1/8 Saber (Summer ver.)

When it comes to quality and consistency, I doubt many figure collectors would disagree with the claim that Alter is the best maker in the bishoujo figure industry. Yet despite my tremendous respect for Alter, I don’t actually buy all that many figures from them. The only two Alter figures I owned were eventually sold off. That makes me feel a bit conflicted, because while I’d rather support Alter over any other figure maker out there, they don’t seem to tackle characters I feel strongly about all that often.  I would always admire the Alter figures I see in reviews, but it was never enough to make me budge.

However, a change came about a few months ago when I saw Alter’s Summer Saber up for preorder. Its white outfit and black hair bow instantly reminded me of my GSC Saber Lily, and therefore I felt that the acquisition of this new Saber was redundant. But after some contemplation over the following couple of weeks, I started to warm up to the new Saber on the block. She’s charming, she’s cheap, and she’s got that promise of Alter quality behind her. Of course, there was still that issue of redundancy, so I decided to sell off Saber Lily to a friend. I’m sure some of you would think that I was crazy for doing that, but in truth I never fully warmed up to that figure, and besides, I could’ve used the hefty wad of cash to cover my broke ass!

Now that the summer Saber has finally arrived, I can safely say that I don’t regret my choice. What she lacks in flashiness in spectacle she makes up for with her elegant and simple charm. Hit the jump to find out what I mean! Read more »


Review: Ex_resinya! Fate Testarossa

Greetings one and all to…ummm…yea, it’s yet another crap weather day month! Yaaay~

So if it’s gonna be melancholy weather why not go with a melancholy character? Today will take a look at Fate-chan by Cospa.

It’s a rather odd that for all my love for the Nanoha series, I have yet to get a Fate figure until now. Part of that has to do with none of them quite having the look I’d like, and the other would be that I’m not actually the biggest Fate fan. I’m ok with her younger self, but she loses a lot of appeal as she ages in the series for me, whereas I think Nanoha just gets better and better!

The one thing I had hoped for was a pair of Nano and Fate figures that really fit together well, because in addition to getting me into loli, the series also got me into yuri thus I adore the two of them as a pair. With the releases of the new movie it looked like my wish might finally be granted with several companies making paired figures of the two, but sadly these all fell flat for one reason or another…

The Wave Beach Queen figures are extremely sub par looking (Especially Fate), the FREEing figures look like trading figures with their tiny size and woefully low quality, and lastly the Cospa figures are absurdly overpriced (After I had already written this Koto actually announced a nice pair of the two as well.). Thankfully, Cospa Fate has been going on sale a lot lately and I decided to take the plunge when AmiAmi put a big fat discount on her! Read more »


Double H: Episode 11

The weeks after WonFes have always been a bit strange for these rants, since everything that comes out during this time tend to be revealed at WonFes already. Thankfully, there’s always more to glean from primp & proper official photos! Read more »

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