Chag: I confess: I have a strange relationship to these rants. Oftentimes I would dread editing these, thinking they would be horrible and unredeemable, yet when I actually do get around to putting it together, the rant is always quite a bit better than I gave credit for. I still find myself asking “why would anyone want to listen to these?” now and, but as the YouTube subscriber count climbed to 50 in spite of the neglect, I guess there are all sorts of strange folk in the world!

Anyhow, here’s the second Anime Wishlist instalment in audio format. As per usual, Ashlotte has to put up with my meagre watch list. Also, I think I might have dropped my cheap-ass microphone one too many times, because the audio quality on my end was less than stellar. I’ve bought a new microphone since then, but for this time, bear with it!

The first part has us talking about ancient grimoires, rollcake-dispensing robots, girls with too much money and time, and spunky superheroes.

  • 1:25 – Dalian – Dantalian no Shoka
  • 5:03 – Shinonome Nano & Hakase – Nichijou
  • 8:02 – Kanade Suzutsuki – Mayo Chiki
  • 9:04 – Dragon Kid & Blue Rose – Tiger & Bunny

The second part is about some blonde chick and a loli who loves  playing with balls.

  • 0:00 – Camille Blanche – Ikoku Meiro no Croisée
  • 2:22 – Hakamada Hinata – Ru-Kyu-Bu!

Finally, there’s Q&A, which is by far my favourite thing to edit through every time. We have quite the selection of question this week ranging from the serious to the absolute bonkers. I can see myself totally regretting putting this up few months down the road, but since I’ve never been one to follow sound reason, time to fire away! After this week, I hope that everyone will know that when we say “anything goes”, we meant it. =D

  • 0:24 – Do you see yourselves maintaining a collection of figures when you’re in your 40’s or is there a garbage can or for sale signs in your collection’s future? 😛
  • 4:10 – The question is more targeted torwards Ash but Chag can also answer if he wants. Do you have a favorite illustration of Hatsune Miku?
  • 7:23 – If you could be any loli for a day, who would you be and why?
  • 10:34 – What kind of underwear do you prefer on your figures? Traditional white? Frills? Stripes?