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Monthly Archives: September 2011


Review: Revoltech SFX T-Rex

As some of you might have known, my money situation has been tight the last few months – tight enough for me to cut down my already diminutive pre-order list. The Nendoroid Cirino had to be sacrificed, and the figma Michael Jackson would have faced the same fate had he not been delayed time and time again. But no matter the circumstances, there are some things I just have to hold onto, and the Revoltech SFX Tyrannosaurs Rex from the 1997 film The Lost World: Jurassic Park is one of them.

"T-Rex" – Chag, 8 years old

When I told Ashlotte that I received this toy, his reaction was something along the lines of “erm…why?” To which I responded with “why the hell not?” Is not the T-Rex the essence of every boy’s dream? Yes, it has been an awful long time since I was awed by the film when I saw it back in China. And no, I did not understand a word of English back then, so I am clueless as to what the actual plot of the movie is. But that’s beside the point. To any red-blooded 8-year-old, the sight of a giant rampaging lizard is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Not only is the T-Rex one the largest land predator to ever walk the face of the earth, but it also simultaneously tickles the boundary between fantasy and reality. If you don’t think that’s cool, then maybe something’s wrong with your head.

…Okay, maybe not everyone is as dinosaur-crazy as I was in my childhood, but you see where I’m coming from, right? And of course, when a good-looking T-Rex action figure surfaces, how can I possibly resist? Thankfully, my blind enthusiasm for the plastic dinosaur was not punished by the sting of disappointment, as the Revoltech T-Rex turned out to be a fine figure.  Hit the jump to find out more! Read more »


Double H: Q&A Vol. 5

  • 0:17 — What is your favorite anime series?
  • 3:55 — Since you guys have worked together for a while, have you ever thought of actually meeting up and hanging out?
  • 5:32 — If you’ve reviewed a figure and disliked it while you reviewed it, would you ever sell that figure? If yes, would you still sell it near the market value even if you were not satisfied by it?
  • 7:47 — So, you guys frequent MFC right? What do you think it’s the criteria for selecting the picture of the day/week/month? Have you had your pictures featured before?

Chag: Well, it’s been a few weeks — did you miss us? No?? =(

I wish I had interesting excuses for these delays, but sadly I have no such luck. The week before the last was skipped due to a general lack of figures we wanted to talk about, and last week was skipped due to…Ashlotte sleeping through the entire afternoon. To make up for that, we recorded this Monday morning, but between my fickleness of my new microphone and the inconsistencies of the Skype service, the recording came out very rough. It wasn’t unusable, but since we were already late to the point, spending multiple evenings editing the audio just didn’t make sense to me anymore. Thankfully the Q&A was salvageable, so here it is — better late than never, right?

Slightly more complicated is the future of Double H. I’ve recently acquired a temporary job. It doesn’t pay much, but it’s easy as hell. Unfortunately, since it is full-time, doing our usual Friday afternoon recordings is no longer an option. A normal person would instead move the session to the evening or over the weekend, but due to my personal circumstances, they’re not an option to me. As it stands right now, I can’t make any promises, but I’ll try my best to figure out a solution. Until then, bear with us!

As usual, if you’ve got questions, leave them here (or Twitter or Formspring) and we’ll get to them. Until next time!