The weeks after WonFes have always been a bit strange for these rants, since everything that comes out during this time tend to be revealed at WonFes already. Thankfully, there’s always more to glean from primp & proper official photos!

The first half is dedicated to the GSC bloc’s gravy trains — one new and one not-so-new. Will we ever get sick of eye inflammations and WIDEFACES? Only time can tell!

  • 00:15 — Figma Black Rock Shooter (PSP Game ver.)
  • 06:47 — GSC’s 1/8 Kaname Madoka

We weigh in on the first entry of Megahouse’s second Idolm@aster line in the second half. Then Chag gets over-analytical over noodle people.

  • 0:00 — Megahouse’s 1/7 Amami Haruka
  • 04:10 — Megahouse’s 1/8 Emperor Lelouch

And as always, there’s more Q&A. Yay for more!

  • 00:31 — “What do you guys think of Unlimited Blade Works Rin? Overrated or Excellent? I know there was some controversy (well mild hate) regarding the hair, the face and the stockings (glossypower!), which I tend to somewhat agree with, what about you?”
  • 03:22 — “Why did you moved to YouTube” & “What is it that you look for when you review or opinionize a figure, statue, etc. Like the new things that comes out, your fave charater, or anime What?”
  • 05:15 — “What’s the one figure you want to buy but never did due to a ridiculous after market price?”
  • 08:00 — “Aside from your own site, other blogs, and Twitter, what websites/forums/imageboards do you regularly participate in or spend time at? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS”
  • 10:07 — “Have you ever had a weird experience at a convention?”
  • 11:40 — “What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you while taking review photos outside?”