The bi-annual WonFes posts have always been hectic, mainly because of the sheer amount of things thrown at us. This is no different even as an audio form, but with the help of our guest Ninjovee, it is finally done! Better late than never…right?

We start off this WonFes post with the elephants in this year’s showroom — the GSC bloc’s Madoka figures and the Sonico invasion.

  • 0:54 — Madoka stuff
  • 8:22 — Sonico ahoy!

The Vocaloid love is still alive and well in part two, along with two figures with rather impressive rides. Finally, Chag gets his creep on with Selvaria.

  • 0:00 — Vocaloid stuff
  • 6:06 — Drossel 2.0 and her new ride
  • 8:07 — GSC’s Fate/Zero Saber
  • 10:57 — Ohana and Menma Nendoroids
  • 14:04 — Alter’s Swimsuit Selvaria

The lust over scantily clad women continues into the third part, along with some classy discussion on Merry’s outfit. We also the latest creation of Kotobukiya’s cash cow and her bum. Mmmm!

  • 1:00 — Alter’s Swimsuit Nanoha
  • 2:28 — Cafe Reo/Questioner’s “Girl in Bird Cage”
  • 4:27 — Phat Company’s Atelier Totori
  • 6:41 — Alter & MegaHouse’s Merry Nightmare
  • 9:03 — Kotobukiya’s Christie Monteiro

And finally, here’s the third installment of Q&A. I (Chag) am really happy with this one, and that’s largely due to the great questions we’ve received. Thanks everyone! =D

  • 00:12 — “What was your first figure and the story behind the purchase? I think it’d be cool to know how you guys got into collecting. :D”
  • 02:13 — “Do you find making these videos a lot more enjoyable than writing for your blog, and if so, do you see yourselves evolving to piss drunk video reviews in the future?”
  • 04:10 — “Where are you guys from, or now? Answer both I dare ya, the both of ya.”
  • 05:11 — “When you guys buy those more “revealing”/somewhat erotic figures, do your parents question about them?”
  • 08:27 — “Have either of you ever been turned off from buying/shooting a figure due to over exposure?”
  • 10:56 — “How did you two come up with your online names?(I’m assuming Chag and Ashlotte aren’t your real names. If they are, forgive me) And are you satisfied with those names, or would you rather make a contract with Kyuubey to go back in time to change them?”

As you can tell, Q&A has become the source of a quite a bit of enjoyment for us. Thank you for all the support thus far, and may you continue to be inquisitive as always!