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Monthly Archives: July 2011


Review: Revoltech Danbo (“Very Well Done” Edition)

Here at Hobby Hovel, we’re no strangers to over-reviewed figures.  Between the Good Smile Company Miku, Saber Lily and Dead Master, a lot has been said on figures that virtually everyone has seen and read about already. But I doubt any of those figures have received anywhere close to the amount of internet love as the Revoltech Danbo. In fact, this is undoubtedly the most unnecessary review on this site – I bet I can review a loaf of white bread and that would still be more informative than this. But oh well, since I haven’t had any other new toys arrive lately, I’m flat out of choices, so Danbo it is!

Also known as Danboard and Cardbo, Danbo originates from the manga Yotsuba&!, the brainchild of Kiyohiko Azuma of Azumanga Daioh fame. Faster than a jumbo jet and capable of launching deadly warheads, Danbo is a powerful battle robot that runs on money – that’s the story Miura and Ena told Yotsuba, at least (it’s actually just their school project).

But in all honesty, Danbo’s backstory really doesn’t matter much, because bitches love the little cardboard robot regardless of whether they know of its hilarious antics or not. One look at the photo pool of virtually any toy-related group on Flickr would reveal the extent of this infatuation. With its simple design, Danbo seems to have also found a fanbase amongst hipsters. So what is it that makes this toy the sweetheart of manga geeks, toy collectors and hipsters alike? Hit the jump to find out! Read more »


Double H: Episode 9

After having to listen to himself talk for so long during editing last week, Chag decided to enlist the help of Mr. Smirnoff to help him loosen up. Ashlotte, on the other hand, found refuge in cough medicine in order to deal with his faltering pipes. In other words, both of us were operating under the influence for this week’s show. The results were…well…unique, at least for Chag. Read more »


Anime Wishlist: Spring 2011

Anime & figures are like chocolate & peanut butter — they can be enjoyed independently, but like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, they go so well together. Along with the right figure, a good anime is like one half of a backalley mugger duo — the anime holds you by your ankles to shake out the cash from your pockets while the figures swoop in to collect it in a big velvet sack. As Ashlotte & Chag both have a policy of only collecting figures of character they are familiar with, the quality and outcome of an anime season is naturally a big deal. So out of the innumerable girls from the spring 2011 anime season, were there any who managed to set our hearts aflutter? The short answer is yes, and as for the long answer…well, hit the jump to find out! Read more »


Double H: Episode 8 (now with Q&A!)

Big figures, big hair and big hats — this week is all about size, and going by Chag & Ashlotte’s reactions, size does matter! Read more »