Stupid storms…can’t shoot my bikini figures…….Oh hey there all! *ahem* Yes welcome, welcome! Today we will be ogling half-naked Rise be taking a look at the recently released Racing Miku by GSC!

Racing Miku is a rather odd creature. If you asked me to make a list of potential companies that would sponsor a race car, GSC wouldn’t be anywhere on there, and the fact that they picked Miku to be the face of their racing team is even more bizarre, but hey, I certainly won’t complain about more Miku!

This whole thing started with the original Miku racer car which was a BMW. Sadly I’ve heard the car did terribly so they swapped her out for a Porsche and changed the livery on it while they were at it. Instead of the serviceable but not terribly exciting Kei art they commissioned Redjuice to do some absolutely spectacular images for the car using an appropriate racing theme that the earlier one lacked!

"Oh Redjuice how I love thee~~~"

The design for the stickers for the Porsche actually went through three different incarnations. The 1st and 2nd used the look that this figure portrays with the third and final version using new Redjuice illustrations with Miku sporting a modified Race Queen version of her original mechanic outfit. Sadly, GSC made very little merchandise for the final design, as as luck would have it, that design is my favorite. Anyways, I enjoy the look of the illustrations so much I actually went out and bought a few sheets of stickers of them and slapped em all over my bike…ah yea, I’m hopeless.

"You know you're too far gone when you have an Itasha. Also, I don't think I'm ever going to be a professional sticker applier."

In any case, the point is I love Redjuice’s art and I absolutely love the look of the 2010 car. They’ve since made another racing Miku version for 2011 while swapping back to a BMW, but I couldn’t give a damn about that one as this version is more to my tastes.

So without further ado let’s get this thing rolling!

For this review, I’m going to deviate from my usual format. The reason is that even before this figure was released a lot of people were gripping about certain aspects of her (read: all of them) so I’m going to try to address these one at a time starting from her head and working our way down!

"She looks plenty cute to me."


Well, after extensive research of staring at the figure and the box shots for fifteen whole minutes I can conclusively say: her face looks exactly the same. If you think it looks different from the promo shots well that’s probably because it’s a different angle.

"Small breasts are a man's romance!!! Well at least there mine..."

“Why are her boobs small and saggy?!?”

Her breasts are indeed small and “saggy”, and I love them just the way they are! Seriously, don’t they look like the perfect pair to cup with your hands? Mmmmmm…

…Ahem, anyhow, Miku’s breasts look exactly the same as those in the original the illustration so if you don’t like it them, chances are you aren’t a fan of the the illustration either, which begs the question: what do you care? Fun fact: women can actually have breasts shaped like this. Shocking, I know!

"Forgetting the crotch for a second check out that detailed stiching! Alright you can go back to staring at the crotch now..."


As much as I’d be delighted to find a fun little prize in those pants, Miku is in fact not a futa. Yes, the clothes bunch up in an odd way at the front to make Miku look like she’s smuggling a tool of a different kind down there, but unless you sit and stare at her crotch for hours on end (a tempting proposition, I might add) you aren’t going to notice it. And once again, this is something that’s present in the illustration.

"An anti-gravity lean even MJ would be proud of!"

“What the hell, she leans like crazy!!!”

I won’t lie — she leans more than goddamn Pisa. The photos you’ve seen here and other places aren’t deceiving you in that fact, and it’s probably my only real issue with her. I don’t quite know how the decision-making went for one. “Yes, what Miku needs is to look like MJ doing a Zero G lean!” But for whatever the reason, it looks pretty daft from the side and back.

From the front though? Eh, it’s tolerable. Setting her on my desk conveniently places her gaze right on my crotch…hmmm ok,  maybe this is one of those your mileage may vary kind of changes. The fact that her base is a hollow cheap piece of junk also doesn’t help with her wobbling all over at  the slightest tremor. In any case I highly doubt she’ll actually lean…errr…further, but it still looks silly.

"Those things could do some serious damage!"

“Why does she have those weird shoes?!?”

Redjuice likes his crazy techno heels. Deal with it!

"She may have some flaws, but at least she has a damn nice bum!"

Now that I’m done answering questions, what do I personally think about her? Well, I kind of like her but sadly I don’t love her as I thought I would. Kind of how you see a girl from behind and you think “Daaaamn” and then she turns around and you think “Damn…”. The crazy lean and the general appearance of the figure gives off is a whole different feeling then what I was imagining.

"A few paint mishaps here and there, but nothing too terrible."

It’s not all bad, though! This is a GSC figure and the craftsmanship on her is near-perfect. Save for a few minor paint hiccups she’s  beautifully painted with that glossy look GSC seems to use for everything whether it’s appropriate or not lately. She also has a very lovely upper body sculpt with thin little shoulders, a nice collarbone, and those delicious little breasts.

"The small details on this figure are pretty exquisite though!"

Her legs are nice even if they are posed awkwardly and she has a splendid bum. You also got all her little accessory bits crafted down to the finest detail so no real complaints from me on that front.

"Base is as boring as it looks, so I figured it needed more techno heels to spice it up!"

It would be nice if the base wasn’t so god awfully boring though. Maybe it’s supposed to be asphalt, but would it really have been so hard for GSC to give her a white/orange base and slap a GSR logo on it? GSC passing up a free advertising opportunity like this seems unthinkable — if you’re gonna whore yourselves out, at least go the full nine yards!

"Poor poor lonely random wrench...Why do you do this to the wrench GSC why?"

One last rather random thing of note is the wrench she comes with. In the original promo images this tool was in her little side pouch thing, but when you get her it’s been packaged separately while the rest of her tools are a fixed part of her side bag. So you might be like me and think “Ok, maybe it fits inside the bag somehow then?” Ehhhh nooope! So basically you have this tiny little wrench that serves no purpose whatsoever other than to be eventually lost…eh?? It’s just such a random stupid decision by GSC I honestly cannot divine the meaning of it at all.

“Hey GSC I have this random loose packaged wrench here…why is that?”

“Felt like it.”

“…..I…see…Well in the promos it fit in her tool pouch didn’t it?”


“And it doesn’t now?”


“And the reason because is…”

“To fuck with you.”

“Good to know!”

"Speaking of things GSC does to spite me...Why didn't you market this illustration more!!!"


  • Excellent quality both in paint and sculpt
  • Delicious detailing in the body sculpt and small details


  • Crap base is crap

"She photographs beautifully, but for some reason I find it hard to get excited about her when looking at her on the desk...odd sensation."

So there we have it. Good Smile Racing Miku is not perfect, but the quality is still pretty damn good, and if you like the colors orange and white with some blatant advertising for effect, she’s worth the money! Just make sure to put her on a higher shelf so you can admire her bulge face.

"You notice the lean a lot less as you sort of angle to the front so it's not quite THAT horrible."

Honestly, now that I have her in my hands I’m not that incredibly enthusiastic about her. She’s a great realization of the original illustration (sans the whole awkward leaning thing, of course.), but the fact that I see that illustration every day on my own bike it feels like I’ve had this figure for much longer than a few days. This is not really GSC’s fault but I still think the third version of the Porsche stickers would have made a far better figure then this. Oh well.

Hopefully that was bearable…I actually originally wrote this when I was in a rather foul mood (as you can probably tell) and I was going to delete it, but I thought hey why not have some fun with it…and…yea…

By the way, shooting by the side of the road is awesome! You almost get hit by cars and bikes and people mistake you for a dead person!