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Monthly Archives: June 2011


Review: 1/8 Hatsune Miku (2010 Race Queen ver.)

Stupid storms…can’t shoot my bikini figures…….Oh hey there all! *ahem* Yes welcome, welcome! Today we will be ogling half-naked Rise be taking a look at the recently released Racing Miku by GSC!

Racing Miku is a rather odd creature. If you asked me to make a list of potential companies that would sponsor a race car, GSC wouldn’t be anywhere on there, and the fact that they picked Miku to be the face of their racing team is even more bizarre, but hey, I certainly won’t complain about more Miku!

This whole thing started with the original Miku racer car which was a BMW. Sadly I’ve heard the car did terribly so they swapped her out for a Porsche and changed the livery on it while they were at it. Instead of the serviceable but not terribly exciting Kei art they commissioned Redjuice to do some absolutely spectacular images for the car using an appropriate racing theme that the earlier one lacked!

"Oh Redjuice how I love thee~~~"

The design for the stickers for the Porsche actually went through three different incarnations. The 1st and 2nd used the look that this figure portrays with the third and final version using new Redjuice illustrations with Miku sporting a modified Race Queen version of her original mechanic outfit. Sadly, GSC made very little merchandise for the final design, as as luck would have it, that design is my favorite. Anyways, I enjoy the look of the illustrations so much I actually went out and bought a few sheets of stickers of them and slapped em all over my bike…ah yea, I’m hopeless.

"You know you're too far gone when you have an Itasha. Also, I don't think I'm ever going to be a professional sticker applier."

In any case, the point is I love Redjuice’s art and I absolutely love the look of the 2010 car. They’ve since made another racing Miku version for 2011 while swapping back to a BMW, but I couldn’t give a damn about that one as this version is more to my tastes.

So without further ado let’s get this thing rolling! Read more »


Double H: Episode 4

Fact: recording audio is a lot more fun when you aren’t spewing out various bodily fluids from multiple orifices on your body.

This week we get all bitchy about little plastic girls. This will also be the first episode that we’re putting on and MFC. I hope our negativity doesn’t put too many people off, but considering the public outrage against ATROCITY RIN, it seems like people love a good verbal thrashing!

  • 0:14 – Max Factory’s Hatsune Miku Append Version
  • 7:38 – FREEing’s Makoto Nanaya

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Review: 1/7 Menace Review (NSFW)

Hey there all, I’ve finally recovered enough from doing that horrid Yukari review and subsequent gaming binge to get back to reviewing! And to start us off after that trainwreck we have Menace, a figure that I’ve taken forever to actually photograph! Read more »


Double H: Episode 3 & Outtakes Volume 1

This week, I fight the cough & sniffles while Ashlotte busts out his delicious southern accent. To any cyber-mounties inspecting this site: the child-loving views of my partner do not reflect that of my own!

  • 0:30 – Good Smile Company’s Hachikuji Mayoi
  • 8:05 – Max Factory’s Kaname Madoka Figma

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