1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (21)

Hellooooo everyone and welcome to the formerly third part, now second, of our Ranka figure reviews!

Like the last Ranka review we’re looking at another MegaHouse rendition. I find it rather odd that all three mainstream Ranka figures involve MegaHouse, which mostly known for making Queen’s Blade and One Piece figures, while the other figure makers have completely ignored the popular series (Or like one certain company abandoned their plans in the prototype stage…). But odd as it may be, I’m sure we can all be grateful that they’ve filled in the void and I hope to see more from them related to the second Macross Frontier in the future (Come oooon mahou shoujo Ranka)!

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (16)

"*Starts singing the Nyan-Nyan song* You know you want to too!"

At this point I don’t think there’s much need for me to explain who Ranka is really. If you’ve never watched the series I’d highly recommend watching the first movie at the very least, which does a great job of summarizing the first part of the TV series and improving on several aspects of it while setting up nicely for the second movie!

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (5)

"Why no bellybutton, MegaHouse?"

This Ranka figure here is based on her waitress appearance she sported while working at the Chinese restaurant “Nyan-Nyan” near the start of the series before finding her calling as our adorable idol (Although she did do some advertising for them later on)!

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (4)

"The steamer fell out of her hand seconds after this shot...ARGH!"

She’s unfortunately languished in her box since I bought her because I didn’t have a clue how to photograph her, seeing as my neck of the woods has a distinct lack of anything even vaguely Chinese in appearance. That being the case I finally just did what I hate to the most and plunked down some money for something that looked the part (I find stumbling upon things in my travels to be much more interesting in general) and here we are!

So without further ado lets crack this bad boy open! I’m sure Ranka is more than a little tired of being cramped up inside that box!

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (1)

Ok first impressions then…Whoa she’s a big girl! It looks like she is still 1/8th scale doing a direct comparison to the other Ranka’s in my collection, but her long outstretched arm and the extra height given to her by the base definitely makes her feel slightly larger than you’d think a 1/8th of a petite girl would be, giving her a fair amount of shelf presence! Sadly she is not cast-offable, which really surprised me considering all the other Ranka figures that MegaHouse has done are. When I look at her legs, I think that’s kind of a shame because I bet she has a damn nice body sculpt under that dress! Pity that…

"Lovely~~~ Your eyes can just sort of roll right on down her..."

On a closer look, Ranka’s MegaHouse quality really shows! Her skin tones are very lifelike, giving her skin a nice smooth warm feeling to it and the metallic paint of her dress that MegaHouse loves as much as Max Factory loves transparent hair is generally well done. Although if you inspect it very close you’ll see lots of small imperfections in it, but thankfully you basically have to mash your face against her under high light to even spot them. Otherwise, they just sort of blend in with all the shininess.

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (15)

"Surprisingly good detail on her armpit!"

Her hair would probably be the most lacking thing paint-wise, seeing as it’s completely devoid of any kind of shading, but then again, Ranka’s hair appears like that at times during the show (As well as inexplicably changing hues many, many times) so I can’t knock them too much for that. I do wish her socks were more white instead of the plain and slightly ugly grey they are, however, as it blemishes the beauty of her legs. The socks also have a few paint errors in it most prominently near the gold bits and on the bottom of her left foot.

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (11)

"The frumpy apron just reminds me how much I wish she was cast-off..."

Oddly enough, I’d say one of the best painted things on her aside from her skin is the silly apron she comes with that I could care less about about. The apron its rather painless to initially put on her —  just pop her head off and fit the straps around the neck. However, getting it properly secured is another story altogether, since it’s made using MegaHouse’s typical cast-off clothes peg system. Her right side pops together easily, but the left…well let’s just say I gave up getting it to fit together snugly after a goodly amount of time futzing with it.

Frankly I wouldn’t worry too much about it, since I doubt many people would want to keep it on. It’s well-painted like I said earlier, but it’s also painfully bulky looking and really ruins all the nice body lines her tight-fit China dress gives her. It’s like dumping a sheet over a beautiful statue…meh.

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (10)

"Absolutely do not pull on that bow like yours truly or you'll be sad."

One word of caution I will give is if you’re removing her apron, absolutely do not grip it at the bow on the back! It’s only attached with a minimal amount of glue and does not make for something secure to pull on. Instead, grip at where the pegs connect and pull at that point.

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (8)

"You best reason to buy her, exhibit A:"

Being a MegaHouse figure, it’s natural that Ranka should have a rather yummy body sculpt. Her legs are nice and long, but still proportionally true to her status as a petite girl with some deliciously plump thighs to ogle at as well. It’s just a shame those damn socks ruin them to a minor degree. I know it’s accurate to the anime that she wears socks with this outfit, but this is one of those instances where I wish MegaHouse had taken some creative liberty and done away with the damn things.

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (12)1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (17)

Other than that, Ranka has a decent backside, although there’s nothing too attention-grabbing, as the dress unfortunately obscures the shape of her butt for the most part. The front fares better with a nice smooth stomach and a pair of well-shaped breasts. I do lament that she has no visible belly button, though — with an outfit this clingy, it’s lamentable to see that detail missing.

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (3)

"Mmm breasts...errr, I meant meat buns."

Lastly, she has a very cute and lively face that’s extremely accurate and works well with the pose. The only other thing of note sculpt wise is her little meat bun steamer, which has a rather frightening amount of detail in its construction, from the weaved look on the top lid to the etching on its side, right down to the little meat buns sitting inside and the slats at the bottom! I honestly have no explanation for the amount of attention to detail here other than to wonder if the sculptor either worked at a Chinese restaurant or just really enjoys frequenting them.

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (18)1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (19)

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (14)

The steamer does sit on her hand well for the most part, but it lacks any means to securely connect it to her hand. For a figure in a one leg pose that wobbles if you so much as touch her, this omission is pretty preplexing to me. I’ve already had it fall out of her hand by bumping the desk twice spilling its contents all over the place, and I can’t help but wish they had made a peg or something to attach it to her hand!

1/8 MegaHouse Ranka Lee (Nyan-Nyan Ver.) (21)

"A base that doesn't actually suck? Amazing!"

And then lastly of course we have the base, which actually is surprisingly nice. It bears the logo and general motif of the Nyan-Nyan restaurant! Good job on that, MegaHouse!


  • Cute face
  • Lively Pose
  • Great use of metallic paint


  • Bulky apron is difficult to attach securely
  • Ugly grey socks
  • Meat bun steamer easily falls out of her hands

"And suddenly...KIRA!"

So overall I’d say she’s a cute fun figure of Ranka, but easily my least favorite of the three that I own of her.

If you want a cute more clothed Ranka I’d say go for the Alpha x Omega version (pictured above). If you want a nice half-naked one of her to drool over, then the Nose Art version I reviewed will scratch that itch. This particular one though falls between the two and feels somewhat mediocre because of it, as it’s neither servicey enough nor as charming. It’s not a bad figure overall really, but it’s not something that will set you ablaze like the other two.

And so ends the Ranka love fest until I can actually find all of Alpha x Omega’s missing parts (doubtful)… Ah well, it’s not like I was looking forward to screwing with her cast-off anyway. *shudder*