Chag: Hello there, and welcome to the most difficult installment of Anime Wishlist to date! The Canadian winter is a bleak season, and sadly, the same could be said for the last ~12 weeks’ worth of anime. I’m hesitant to dismiss Winter 2011 as a shitty season because I haven’t watched everything, but there just weren’t many showed that I could latch onto. So tell me Ash: have I been missing out?

Ashlotte: Yes and no, I’d say. While there was a great many disappointments ranging from Dragon Crisis to Fractale, the season did manage to sneak in some genuinely nice softer shows like Kimi ni Todoke and Hourou Musuko. I guess in the end I can best say that the season was disappointing for its otaku-oriented fare, but there was still some genuine enjoyment to be found in the right places!

Chag: Hmmm, a total shoujo series and a non-fetishized series about a bunch of sexually uncertain middle-schoolers…not exactly the kind of material to expect figures from. But hey, being reasonable was never part of our agenda – let’s see what we can squeeze out of this season!

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