Chag: When it comes to merch, the figure makers are wasting no time with the 2010 fall season. Ika Musume was swiftly snatched up by WAVE a couple of week ago, and the recent announcement of a Kuroneko figure by Kotobukiya has dashed my hopes of ranting about my conflict-ridden experience with Oreimo. Even Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru got a figure in the form of the Figma Arashiyama Hotori. We gotta work fast, Ash – every moment we waste could bring the news that would steal what remains of our thunder!

So, what’s your favourite series of this season, Ash?

Ashlotte: Haha, I gotta say I am sad to see that you couldn’t say anything about Kirino considering how much you seemed to like her design and talked about her before the season had started…But then hey maybe you actually liked the bitc—errr…somewhat irate young lady…

As for my favorite? Mmm…there were several shows that had great moments, but if we’re talking consistency, it has to be Ika Musume. There really wasn’t a bad episode to speak of, and it was always the first thing I’d watch if I had multiple shows to choose from.

It is good to see more manufacturers striking while the iron is hot, though even if it does cut down on what we can talk about in this article! Much love for Wave at making a figure of Ika-chan (and quite a good one from the looks of it) out the door so soon! What about you, Chags?

Chag: Oh, Kirino will get the verbal lashing due to her despicable name when I review her figure. But now I’ll just leave my hatred to simmer in the black cauldron of my mind. As for my favourite series this season, I have to give it to Kuragehime. It’s no small feat to hook me to a josei series, let alone one that would eventually center on fashion design. To those of you who have been getting tired of the same tropes in anime, I’d highly recommend to Kuragehime (a.k.a. Princess Jellyfish). It’s not what I would call revolutionary by any means, but I certainly got a pleasantly different vibe from it.

As of the time of this writing, we have yet to see any figures of the 4 characters from our last wishlist installment. Let’s hope we have better luck this time around!

Panty & Stocking (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt)

Chag: This one is a no-brainer. Even though my enjoyment of P&S was wildly inconsistent, I’d be a dirty liar if I said I didn’t love that scandalous transformation scene. It only lasted a few brief seconds every time it appeared, but each and every moment of it was delectable. Virtually every frame of the transformation would be an AAA figure pose. I can’t believe there hasn’t been a figure with a stripper pole incorporated into it, and what better way to fix this mistake than with these two? Awwww yeah.

Ashlotte: Hah, I dropped this one after 3 episodes…but I did see the aforementioned scene. Considering the variety of fetishes catered by various figures out there, I don’t see why the good ol’ stripper pole should be left unexploited. I’d take a pass on Panty, but Stocking would be a nice treat for the eyes! =P

Chag: Hehe, I don’t blame for you dropping it. But even though half of the episodes bored me to tears or made me rage, I still smiled when the second season was announced. P&S is kind of like Oreimo in that respect. Maybe I’m some sort of anime masochist? I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case – I did enjoy every rage-inducing second of School Days, after all.

But back to Panty and Stocking: I also would be excited if a trading figure set of the characters in their default western cartoon art style is announced. The simple shapes of the character designs would make an easy transition to plastic form, and their distinctive style would be a great break from the fathead hegemony of Nendoroids…although with the Nendoroid figures of Panty and Stocking in the making, the possibility of a P&S Petit Nendoroid set is there. Meh, there’s always room for competition, I say!

Elsea de Lute Irma (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai)

Ashlotte: Oh god El-chan, could you be any cuter? I loved her in the manga and her voice actress really brought that indomitable cuteness to life in the best way for the anime!

Considering the show got itself a second season confirmed before the first even ended, I’d say it has enough popularity to warrant some figures. While there are plenty of appealing girls in the series Elsea is still the best as far as I’m concerned. Her scatterbrained, fire truck-loving, devil-food-cooking self is just too appealing. Plus, I think her little transparent all-purpose shroud would look fantastic in figure form!

Chag: While she’s by no means a creative character, I’d be a dirty liar if I said I haven’t succumbed to Elsea’s clumsy antics. The only thing I have against Elsea is her purple tunic, which really isn’t all that flattering. I mean come on, you have a she-demon from hell and that is what the author came up with? Really? I’m not asking for a demonic thong or anything, but surely he can do better than this?

Bitching about the character design aside, I agree that the pink shroud would be very spiffy in figure form. Personally, Elsee’s obsession with firetrucks absolutely kills me. I’d love to see a figure of her engrossed in playing with a big toy firetruck on the ground. If that doesn’t excite your paternal instinct, I doubt anything will.

Koibuchi Kuranosuke (Kuragehime)

Chag: Kuragehime was an expected gem last season. I probably wouldn’t have heard of it if not for the insistence of a friend. The girls at Amamizukan are cute, but not in the same way as bishoujo anime characters. The disheveled bunch is very refreshing break from the picture-perfect bishoujo character I’ve grown used to. But we’re not here for the girls – naw, we’re here for a dude by the name of Kuranosuke.

What is it about traps that compels me so? Am I attracted to their tightrope act on the taboo boundary between the sexes? Am I envious of their fantastic ability to effortlessly sidestep biological and societal obstacles? Traps like Kuranosuke aren’t mere imitations of the female sex; rather, what I like about them is the retentions of male characteristics. Kuranosuke may be strutting around in a pink wig and bubble shorts, but he’s still got that confident and assertive air of a genuine playboy. Asking for a figure of him is kind of a long shot, but if the sculptor can capture this essence of his character, I think the result would have a lot of potential. Besides, girls buy figures too, and nothing is stopping the folks at Altair from cranking out of figure of this cross-dressing fashionista, right?

Ashlotte: Haha Altair…oh geez Chags you and your crazy ideas. I’m pretty doubtful the show has the commercial appeal to get a figure made from the series, no matter how good it technically is, but weirder things have happened…

The bigger problem, of course, would be which of the myriad of looks he sports they would use for the figure considering each one of them is just about as fabulous as the next!

Chag: You are right, but with variety comes great freedom! Personally I’d prefer a less “out there” outfit – I’m sure they look great to the enlightened in one way or the other, but for the fashion illiterate like me, I’d prefer something a little more straightforward.
Oh yeah, a set of trading figures for the Kuragehime cast would be fantastic as well, wouldn’t it? The side characters like Bamba and Chieko would never get the figure treatment, but their goofy looks lend well to chibi renditions – hell, they are halfway there already!

Nanasaki Ai & Ayatsuji Tsukasa (Amagami SS)

Chag: I thought I was done with Amagami for good months ago, but Morishima Haruka’s ass dragged me back in with the strength of an industrial magnet on. I’ve yet to completely catch up with the series, but I have to say I am grateful for Max Factory’s alluring creation, because I wouldn’t have been acquainted with Ai-chan without it!

For a lack of better words, she’s just so… balanced. She’s not outright kooky like Haruka, but she knows how to get freaky. She may not be oozing with “protect me” moe like Sae, but her small stature and weakness in math provides a modest helping of that good stuff. I stand by my praise of Sae last time, but I understand why some people couldn’t stand her. Ai is different, though, because I honestly can’t imagine anyone hating her. Any Ai haters in the house, hmmm?

Ashlotte: Hate? No not really…Indifferent? Yea. But then I think we’ve discovered by now that when it comes to the girls of Amagami we are very much divided in our interests. =P

I do remember in last season’s article saying I wasn’t committing to Haruka because I had a feeling I might take a liking to Tsukasa, and boy was that fortuitous. I’ll try and keep spoiling to a minimum for anyone that hasn’t finished the series yet (or even started yet), but she was a very pleasant surprise. I guess I just have a soft spot for girls that can kick my ass.

Stalker-chan would be nice too…She may have only gotten one episode, but she managed to do more with it then several of the other girls did in 4! Plus she has an extremely appealing character design!


Chag: Okay, I’ve finished catching up with Amagami, and I have to agree with your choice. Right from the get-go I knew there was something fishy Tsukasa – I figured the girl had to be hiding something underneath the super-plain class-rep act, but I sure as hell didn’t expect an expert in ass-kicking out of her. If they ever make a figure of Tsukasa, I demand an alternate face of Tsukasa in badass mode to be included. Anything less would be sacrilege.

Risa? Really? Say if a stalker chick like that comes onto you in real life, would you do the same thing as Junnichi, considering the consequences of her prior deeds?

Ashlotte: B-but her can you be angry at her when she’s so damn cute? Besides, she gave us some of the best scenes of the whole show with those reaction shots to her doctored photos!

Chag: Oh, Risa’s arc had a good amount of fun moments, but I still hold my opinions against her. I dunno dude, stalkers aren’t the type to handle rejection well, and unless Junnichi is planning to go the distance with this crazy woman, he would be wise to consider the potentially dangerous breakup scenario. Besides, this chick killed his game for two years straight. I don’t care how devoted she is, but being deprived of both Ai and Tsukasa as direct consequences of her meddling is enough for me to file a restraining order.

…Then again, Junnichi isn’t exactly the type to be picky with women – the dude hooks up with his little sister’s best friend…both of them.


Everyone (Otome Youkai Zakuro)

Ashlotte: In the same way that Jellyfish was pleasant surprise, so was Otome Youkai Zakuro. While it wasn’t perfect and it certainly deserved a full 24 episode run to let you fully savor the characters, it was immensely enjoyable nonetheless.

As a point I honestly couldn’t say which of the four girls I’d prefer to see a figure of as they were all engaging in their own way. While just like Jellyfish I doubt I’ll ever see a figure from the series, a nice set of all of them in their lovely Kimonos would be a feast for the eyes!

Chag: Okay, you’re on your own for this one, since I haven’t watched this series. But hey, I see pink, red and white on those kimonos, which is a colour combination I’ll never get sick of. At first glance, my vote goes to the hanyuu twins. Asides from those delicious croissant-like hair cones, I likes me some twins, especially of the blonde variety.

Ashlotte: Good choice Chags, they are very playful and fun characters, but they also have a good backstory. When circumstances call for it they also show their serious side, which is a nice contrast with their normal trickster nature. The fact that one lucky bastard gets both of them makes me cry tears of jealousy!

Yuuki Mikan (To LOVE-Ru)

Ashlotte: 2 TV series, an OVA series, and 2 manga series… WHERE THE FRACK IS MY MIKAN FIGURE?!? T_T

She may not be as much of an eye-catcher as Lala or Yami, but damnit if she isn’t the best girl in the cast! Where the hell is the awesome little sister love at, japan? Where I ask you, where??

Chag: You know, I’m amazed Mikan remained figure-less to this day, considering the fact that she receives just as much attention (if not more) from doujin circles. Yabuki Kentaro is great at drawing girls, and Mikan is no exception. The only remaining question is be what she would be wearing, as she doesn’t have a default outfit. My vote goes to the tank top and miniskirt combo. Come to think of it, I think miniskirts are the only type of skirts in To LOVE-Ru.

By the way, don’t you feel sorry for Mikan sometimes? I remember watching these scenes where Mikan is doing housework while Rito’s harem goof off in front of the TV. I have no problems against Rito’s uncanny harem-building abilities, but it’s times like these when I really hate his ass. Mikan is burning away her youth every night in the kitchen, cooking for a household of 5 and a half by herself! Rito and Mikan’s parents: worst parents ever or worstest?

Ashlotte: I’m honestly drawing a blank on their parents…do they even exist? Meh whatever, Mikan always has been too good for him, but whatcha gonna do?

But yea, if H-doujins are any measure of a character’s popularity that would place Mikan pretty damn high on the list, so I have absolutely no idea why she’s been ignored by figure makers thus far…As for what to have her wear? Bah, who cares – she looks great in anything! Casual clothes, apron, half-naked, half-naked apron… think of the possibilities!

Kasugano Sora (Yosuga no Sora)

Ashlotte: Oh Yosuga no Sora… See, this is why only implying or showing a little is so much hotter than being explicit! Yosuga no Sora did a great job with its ero scenes by showing just enough to titillate, but leaving the rest up to your imagination, making it far hotter than any regular H-anime!

Through all the arcs Sora remained as my favorite with her great vulnerable yet grumpy personality, as well as her awesome character design. Sadly there’s not a single figure of her that does justice to her incredible fashion sense! I don’t want a blasted swimsuit or gym uniform – give me her in one of her awesome dresses! Or better yet, one with that negligee she liked to lounge around in!!!

Chag: Okay, I didn’t watch this one, but I did download the game’s HG set to satisfy my…curiosity. The rest of the heroines were completely forgettable to me, but Sora is another matter altogether. She looks great in any outfit, and though I am still partial to the white swimsuit, the frilly outfit she has on most of the time is great as well. Though the concept of a white-haired character with pale skin wearing a white dress may seem like a bad idea on paper, Sora pulls it off exceptionally well. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more Sora figures in the future.

Ashlotte: I’m just not a swimsuit kind of guy, especially when it comes to Sora… Putting her in a flowing frilly dress plays to the strength of her ephemeral beauty and works better with the melancholic mood the anime set for her.

When you think of the fragile Sora you hardly think sportswear, so all I can hope is a figure maker takes some cues from the series and gives us something subtly seductive in the same way that the anime succeeded so deliciously at!

Chag: Annnd that concludes our third installment of “Anime Wishlist”! What do you think of the last season? Do you have any particular favourites that you would like to see in plastic form? What are you looking forward to in the winter season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! =)