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Monthly Archives: January 2011


Vote for Chag in the GSC/Max Factory Photo Contest!

1/8 Dead Master

Like this photo? If so, then head on over to the fifth Wonder Hobby Photo Contest and rock the vote in my favour! It should be on the sixth row, fourth from the left. There’s no registration involved, and everyone gets to vote for 5 of their favourites in the top 200! There are a lot of great shots in the pool, so it’s well worth checking out. With your support and a LOT of luck, I just might end up winning one of the top prizes! Like a MacBook! Or a PS3! Or a…Nerf machine gun?? Hell, I’ll take it!

In other news, I’ve finally convinced Ashlotte to make a Twitter account! Make him feel welcome, Twitter peeps! =)


Review: 1/8 Dead Master (Original ver.)

GSC Dead Master-2424

For me, figure collecting is about paying homage. If I like a character from a certain anime/manga/game well enough, I’ll try to get myself a tangible piece of it, often in the form of models, figures and toys. I sometimes buy DVDs/BDs as well, but between gawking at a thin spine of a DVD case and an intricate figure, my preference naturally leans toward the latter. This is partly why I’m so picky with the figures I buy. The figure may be well-sculpted and painted, but without a reason to be fond of the character itself, chances are I won’t end up buying it.

Thus, given this personal policy, it’s rather strange of me to pick of Good Smile Company’s Dead Master (Original ver.) as one of the only PVC figures I purchased in 2010. After all, as an original illustration by Huke, there’s no real story behind the character whatsoever. Whereas the better-known Black Rock Shooter character inspired a popular song by the doujin group Supercell, Dead Master remained solely in the realm of illustrations. Going by her horns, clawed hands, painful-looking scythe, and floating skull companions, you can gather that she’s a probably up to no good, but what else is there to know about her?

It could be worse though, since having no story at all is at least better than having a shitty story. I mean, what if Good Smile Company decided it would be a good idea to fund an hour-long OVA and dump a truckload of sleep-inducing slice-of-life moments over an absolute trite plot with a couple of dry, emotionless fight scenes stuck into it? That sure would be awful, wouldn’t it? I’m glad that no such thing exists so I can enjoy this figure for what it is – a gorgeous rendition of a gorgeous character, pretty enough for me to cast my usual pickiness to the wind and leave not a single hint of regret.

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Anime Wishlist: Fall 2010

Chag: When it comes to merch, the figure makers are wasting no time with the 2010 fall season. Ika Musume was swiftly snatched up by WAVE a couple of week ago, and the recent announcement of a Kuroneko figure by Kotobukiya has dashed my hopes of ranting about my conflict-ridden experience with Oreimo. Even Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru got a figure in the form of the Figma Arashiyama Hotori. We gotta work fast, Ash – every moment we waste could bring the news that would steal what remains of our thunder!

So, what’s your favourite series of this season, Ash?

Ashlotte: Haha, I gotta say I am sad to see that you couldn’t say anything about Kirino considering how much you seemed to like her design and talked about her before the season had started…But then hey maybe you actually liked the bitc—errr…somewhat irate young lady…

As for my favorite? Mmm…there were several shows that had great moments, but if we’re talking consistency, it has to be Ika Musume. There really wasn’t a bad episode to speak of, and it was always the first thing I’d watch if I had multiple shows to choose from.

It is good to see more manufacturers striking while the iron is hot, though even if it does cut down on what we can talk about in this article! Much love for Wave at making a figure of Ika-chan (and quite a good one from the looks of it) out the door so soon! What about you, Chags?

Chag: Oh, Kirino will get the verbal lashing due to her despicable name when I review her figure. But now I’ll just leave my hatred to simmer in the black cauldron of my mind. As for my favourite series this season, I have to give it to Kuragehime. It’s no small feat to hook me to a josei series, let alone one that would eventually center on fashion design. To those of you who have been getting tired of the same tropes in anime, I’d highly recommend to Kuragehime (a.k.a. Princess Jellyfish). It’s not what I would call revolutionary by any means, but I certainly got a pleasantly different vibe from it.

As of the time of this writing, we have yet to see any figures of the 4 characters from our last wishlist installment. Let’s hope we have better luck this time around!

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