Chag: Welcome to the first article of Hobby Hovel’s second year! Since we are turning over a new page with this occasion, what better time to introduce the new name of this once-weekly segment? I present you: figure highlights.

…Okay, I get zero points for creativity, but at least it’s functionally sound as a title! What do you think, Ash?

Ashlotte: Meh at least it’s better than the last one… You never did explain to me just what the hell it meant.

Chag: You know, mold mark, like injection marks and those annoying lines you find running down the places where the two halves of the mold is divided.

Ashlotte: Oh good lord is that what it was? What a terrible name! You might as well call it “Terrible Paintjob” or something. No, we’ll stick with “Figure Highlights”.

Chag: Hi-Hidoi ;__;

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