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Monthly Archives: November 2010


Figure Highlights: Dun Goofed

Chag: So, looks like GSC dun goofed with their Black Rock Shooter figure. To be honest, it really isn’t all that big of a blunder. If I got the figure, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the missing star unless someone pointed it out. Besides, a missing star isn’t going to break the figure in terms of aesthetic appeal. To me, Saber’s mouth is a far more serious issue, but as a sweeping and easily identifiable production error that is acknowledged by GSC, this star fiasco is bound to become an embarrassing pee stain on GSC’s blanket. I wonder what the GSC fanboys are saying right now.

Ashlotte: I’d say the real rub is the fact this happened to all of them. I mean, all of us have seen our fair share of screw-ups on individual figures, but something of this scale and so obvious? Bleh. Oh well, GSC hasn’t made any figures I’ve wanted for quite a while, so this doesn’t affect me – I just find it fun to discuss! =P

Chag: Yeah, when you don’t have $100+ riding on this figure, the debacle is kind of fun to watch. It’s kind of like America’s Funniest Videos – a lot of the blunders caught on tape are just downright painful, yet to the audience it’s the greatest of low-brow comedy. And hey, though I doubt a public shitstorm would cripple the GSC giant, it would be nice for them to be on their tippy-toes with their future releases!

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Review: HGUC Sazabi

HGUC Sazabi-003

For a man dubbed as the “Red Comet”, Char Aznable’s mobile suits really aren’t all that red. His One Year War suits had a whole lot of pinkish red, but not quite red red. It’s not until Zeta Gundam when Char Quattro Bajeena finally gets a red mobile suit in the form of his custom Rick Dias, but he soon passed that off to the grunts after opting for the blinged-out glory of the Hyakku Shiki. Only after two ideological 180’s does Char (now the leader of the new Neo Zeon faction) finally gets his definitive red machine – the MSN-06 Sazabi.

Though heavily armed and armoured, due to the lightweight material and numerous high-powered thrusters on the Sazabi, the suit is able to achieve a remarkable level of maneuverability. Though between the beam shotrifle and the torso-mounted mega particle gun, the Sazabi has no shortage of way to dispose of its enemies. Its most devastating armament is the 6 funnels carried on its back, which are small, high-powered remote weapons controlled directly through the pilot’s mind. Think the interceptors of a Protoss carrier in StarCraft – they’re like space piranhas that shoot lasers out of their mouths.

As an ardent U.C. Gundam fan, I can’t help but to succumb to Char fever, and the HGUC Sazabi was just what the doctor ordered to this ailing patient. And though the prescription is not without a couple of side effects, the HGUC Sazabi certainly lives up to the legacy of the Red Comet. Read more »


Figure Highlights: Overactive Imaginations

Chag: Welcome to the first article of Hobby Hovel’s second year! Since we are turning over a new page with this occasion, what better time to introduce the new name of this once-weekly segment? I present you: figure highlights.

…Okay, I get zero points for creativity, but at least it’s functionally sound as a title! What do you think, Ash?

Ashlotte: Meh at least it’s better than the last one… You never did explain to me just what the hell it meant.

Chag: You know, mold mark, like injection marks and those annoying lines you find running down the places where the two halves of the mold is divided.

Ashlotte: Oh good lord is that what it was? What a terrible name! You might as well call it “Terrible Paintjob” or something. No, we’ll stick with “Figure Highlights”.

Chag: Hi-Hidoi ;__;

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