Chag: Fuck it, I give up. Between the inconsistencies in the amount of figures that are released every week and real life nonsense, keeping “Weekly Highlights” weekly is getting really, really hard. Looks like these rants will join the reviews and Vocaloid Corner in the “whenever-I-feel-like-it” schedule. Man, we are running this place into the ground, aren’t we?

Well, since this thing isn’t going to be weekly anymore, we’re going to need a new name. Got any ideas?

Ashlotte: “The not so weekly highlights” or I will also accept “The update formerly known as weekly”. >_>

Chag: Gee, kind of a mouthful, don’t you think? Ohhh, I got it, how about “figure fart”?

Ashlotte: …I don’t think so.

Chag: Shucks. Well, we have until the next entry to think of a name. so get cracking! On that note, if you (the reader) have a spiffy idea you’d like to share, be sure to throw it in the comments below!

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1/10 Beach Queens: Takamachi Nanoha& Fate Testarossa

Scale: 1/10 Origin: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Maker: Wave Sculptor: Yusuke Mazaki (Nanoha), Hiroshi (Fate)
Retail Price: ¥3,800 each Release: April 2011

Ashlotte: Talk about beauty and the beast. I saw Nanoha first when these were announced and I was really excited! Nanoha was looking very cute and energetic with her little beach ball, and the photo of her holding hands with Fate via optional parts almost had me reaching for that “order” button.

But when I actually looked at some bigger pictures of Fate, everything went south. Seriously, what the hell Wave? You pair cute, bubbly, and anime-accurate Nanoha with a Fate that’s an inchin away from being a full-blown abomination? There is next to no detail on her swimsuit and bodye, and her face is just flat-out ugly!

If you’re gonna makre a figure set, at least get the same damn person to do both! Sigh, and here I was thinking I found a cheaper alternative to the FREEing set to satisfy my NanoxFate love…what a wasted opportunity.

Chag: A NanoFate set? Wasted opportunity? Gee, this sounds awfully familiar.

Really, to make a swimsuit Fate figure that’s completely without appeal is an accomplishment in itself. He hands look like a pair of flippers, her shoulders look inexplicably tense, her eyes look unfocused, and of course, her famous 9-year-old ass is nowhere to be found. No matter how I look at it, Wave’s Fate seems to be a disaster on all fronts.

To top it off, the way the two figures combine together seems really ill-concieved. Nanoha seems to be in motion (to the opposite direction, might I add) while Fate looks as still as stone. The two girls are not looking at the same spot. And finally, why are they holding up their unengaged hands like that? The complete lack of synergy in this set is almost as baffling as the questionable sculpt of Fate herself

Honestly, the Nanoha movie really ought to be subbed soon, because at this rate, all these half-assed Nanoha figures are going to erase whatever fond memories I had of the franchise. We have talked so much about these two characters these past few months. Please, no more, NO MORE!!

Ashlotte: I have no idea what’s with Wave lately. I know they’ve always been rather inconsistent, but between the nice Mari I own and the apron Asuka on the way, I thought they were stepping up in the figure world. But then they drop this on us and follow it up with this generic piece of junk. That paint work on that Asuka’s plug suit has to be one of the laziest paint jobs I’ve seen in quite a while, not to mention the absolutely dull pose and cookie-cutter “:D” expression that they’ve been deftly avoiding thus far…The hells going on with Wave lately.

Anyway, I hear you on the overload of Nanoha Movie figures, man. I’ve been thinking about cancelling the FREEing set and just washing my hands entirely of this ongoing wave of movie-inspired Nanoha figures. After seeing so much overpriced junk figures, I think I’ll just wait for Alter to make a full-size version of the new Strike Cannon Nanoha.

Chag: Awwww yeah, I second that. Rambo Nanoha is the best Nanoha.

figma KOS-MOS (ver. 4)

Scale: n/a Origin: Xenosaga Episode III
Maker: Max Factory Sculptor: ?
Retail Price: ¥4,800 Release: February 2011

Chag: If you’ve been following Hobby Hovel for a while, you’d probably know how hot I am for robo-girls, and though I’ve never played the Xenosaga series, KOS-MOS definitely knows how to push all of my buttons with both her womanly charms and mechanical glory. Believe me, I’ve done my share of drooling in the past.

This figma rendition of KOS-MOS looks amazing, but you know that just by looking. She comes with an arsenal large enough to arm a small third-world nation, and even if her ankles are inexplicably devoid of articulation, this figure looks like a formidable piece of work.

However, the appearance is not the only thing formidable about KOS-MOS, as her price tag weighs in at a hefty 4800 yen — the price of two ordinary figmas combined. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I am fully aware that different people value things differently, so these are merely my personal thoughts, but for a figma, there’s just no way I can bring myself to blow that much money on a single figure. Of course, I’m all up for paying a little more for cool accessories, but when the cost for accessories equates to the price of the figure itself, my mind just can’t get over it. At the end of the day, I’m still only getting a single normal-sized figma to put on the shelves, so it’s almost like buying two figmas, but only displaying one while keeping the other sealed up in a figma zip-lock bag. Of course, fondness of the character herself certainly would help in tipping the scales in KOS-MOS’ favour, but as a stranger to the franchise, this robo-girl enthusiast is having great difficulty in submitting to this new robot overlord.

Ashlotte: You never played Xenosaga?! For shame… is what I’d like to say, but then even though I did play the games, All I remember now is that scene where the loli android gets violated by the villain… that, and the couple of times when KOS-MOS flips on her bad-ass switch.

As for price… mah, I think she looks good enough to justify it, but that’s just me. Speaking of price, whatever happened to Alter’s ALMecha KOS-MOS? Considering how much everything else in that line costs, Alter’s KOS-MOS would do some serious wallet damage…if she ever sees the light of that, that is.

Chag: I usually don’t enjoy turned based JRPGs (though there are exceptions), and now that I’ve been spoiled with a new console generation’s worth of games, I find myself having a harder time appreciating games on the PS2. Still, Loli android? Violated? You have my attention.

If the ALMecha KOS-MOS costs a killing (and it will), I really can’t see myself actually playing with it even if I do get it. Just think about the possibility of breakage — that’s at least 12k yen’s worth of pretty plastic we’re talking about here!! Too much pressure… AAARGH.

Kudos to all you RAH and Hot Toys collectors out there — I have no how idea how you do it.

Ashlotte: That’s why I don’t buy poseable figures. Even if I liked playing with my figures (which I do not), I don’t think I’d risk doing damage to a $100+ figure, so I guess in that case cheap figma’s are the better bet.

Chag: And just imagine if kids of relatives get their hands on them during a family gathering…

“Hey uncle Ashlotte, I broke your doll.”

And after you start freaking out: “Calm down, it’s just a toy.”

This is what nightmares are made of. That, or bringing your toys to your cubicle and having it broken by a co-worker who can’t keep his hands to himself. Bonus points if it’s something expensive like a Hot Toys figure. Maximum points if it’s your boss.