One week ago on October 21, 2010, Hobby Hovel reached its one-year mark. The saying “time flies when you’re having fun” is one that gets thrown around frequently, but when I look back upon the past year I’ve spent blogging about figures, toys and plamo, it feels anything but short – indeed, it feels as if I’ve been doing this forever. Maybe this is because Hobby Hovel has become the punctuation of my life’s story. Instead whizzing by the weeks and months like a free-falling rock, the blog has given me the occasion to pause and invest myself into this project week after week. In a way, blogging has validated my own existence. As frivolous as ranting about Japanese collectables may seem from a stranger’s perspective, it is nevertheless an activity in which I construct meaning for myself.

Since the activity of growing and maintaining Hobby Hovel has become such a pivotal part of my life, it only makes sense to reflect on the past year when the occasion arises. So without further ado, strap yourselves in for some dense bricks of text coming your way!

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