Chag: Fuck it, I give up. Between the inconsistencies in the amount of figures that are released every week and real life nonsense, keeping “Weekly Highlights” weekly is getting really, really hard. Looks like these rants will join the reviews and Vocaloid Corner in the “whenever-I-feel-like-it” schedule. Man, we are running this place into the ground, aren’t we?

Well, since this thing isn’t going to be weekly anymore, we’re going to need a new name. Got any ideas?

Ashlotte: “The not so weekly highlights” or I will also accept “The update formerly known as weekly”. >_>

Chag: Gee, kind of a mouthful, don’t you think? Ohhh, I got it, how about “figure fart”?

Ashlotte: …I don’t think so.

Chag: Shucks. Well, we have until the next entry to think of a name. so get cracking! On that note, if you (the reader) have a spiffy idea you’d like to share, be sure to throw it in the comments below!

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