Chag: Since I am drawing a complete blank for a proper intro to this week’s rant, I’m going to go completely off-topic and talk  about something else: out of the sixty-odd subscribers to Hobby Hovel, are there any PS3 players who are looking forward to Call of Duty: Black Ops? Though I haven’t been playing the PS3 at all recently, I’m getting really excited about this game, so much so that I’ve been considering shelling out some money for a decent headset. The problem? I don’t have any real-life friends to play multiplayer with.

So, is anyone up for some Black Ops when November swings around? Maybe get to know this fabulous and handsome plamo/figure blogger? 😉 I know I’m looking forward to being carried credit to team, be it competitive multiplayer or zombie mode. I was a pretty average player (around a 1.5 K/D, I think?) back when I played to fourth prestige in Modern Warfare 2, but I’ve been watching a lot of gameplay videos recently, so perhaps my game has been improved somewhat since then. My PSN ID is Chag89, and I hope to see you online! =)

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