Vocaloid Corner: The Depression of Kaai Yuki


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Sorry about this Vocaloid Corner being delayed, folks (not to mention the change of subject from what was proposed last time). Lots of stuff happened etc. etc. Honestly, it’s probably easiest just to blame Chags, because that’s what I do all the time! :p

So anyway, we’re gonna take a look at Kaai Yuki this week.


Vocaloid Corner: Vocaloid 101 pt.1


Greetings boys and girls, and welcome to the next step in my bid to completely take over Chag’s blog, MWAHAHAHA!!

…Ok no, not really. Simply put, this started as a one-off figure-related article that sort of mutated into what you see now. As to whether this will continue on or not, I guess we will just have to wait and see, but for now this will be a little slice of the internet where I try to introduce a few little Vocaloid songs and PVs to y’all.

Plamo Review

Review: MG Master Gundam

Master Grade Master Gundam-018

Master Asia is by no means a humble man. Not only does he call himself “Undefeated of the East”, he names his martial art style after that moniker as well. Claiming to be “Master” of an entire continent is a bold claim, but if you ever see him in action, you’d know that he’s not joking around about his title.

I have heard of Master Asia’s exploits long before I ever watched Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Asides from having invented quite possibly the most awesome secret handshake conceived by man, the grizzled martial arts master from Neo Hong Kong is also known for his deadly proficiency with a piece of cloth – yes, a piece of cloth, I kid you not. The man can take down a giant robot and fly with a piece of cloth, and if you ever make the mistake of handing him your pink bath towel, you would soon learn of your fatal mistake as the gentle pink tint of your towel gives away to the sanguine red of your blood. If that isn’t badass, I don’t know what is.

But enough about Master Asia, because we’re here not for the man, but rather his machine – or more precisely, the Master Grade rendition of his machine. The MG Master Gundam was originally released in 2002, making it a pretty old kit. Thankfully, it was one of the first gunpla kits to feature a full inner frame. Is this enough to help it survive the ravages of time? Let’s find out.