Chag: I’ve been banging my head against the commenting system this last week. After much deliberation between the status quo, switching to self-hosted wordpress, and switching commenting services. I decided to switch to Disqus. Hopefully this solves the problem of comment length limitations that’s been plaguing the site. These guys seem to have a strong customer service and stronger conviction in addressing complaints than the IntenseDebate team.

You might have noticed that all the comments made on posts from last December to the present have vanished. This is due to recent change to the IntenseDebate export file, which means the Disqus guys have to change their importer as well. They did answer my questions within a day (both over their support site and proactively over twitter after I mentioned Disqus in a tweet). Maybe I’m being foolhardy by placing my trust in them, but I have a feeling that the Disqus team will update their importer soon, at which time the currently missing comments will return. As for now, I hope you’ll enjoy the new system’s potential in fostering conversations between us! =)

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