Figure Review

Review: 1/8 Kagamine Len


If you have read my review on Good Smile Company’s 1/8th Scale Kagamine Rin figure, then you would know appalled I am at the relatively cold reception of that underrated gem. In retrospect, I think I understand a part of the reason why figure collectors didn’t go nuts over the Kagamine twins, and that is because of their paired presentation.

No matter how nice the Rin figure may be, the question of whether or not to get the Len figure would inevitably occur to those considering purchasing the figure. Because so much of the Rin’s identity is rooted within the twin relationship between the two characters, the acquisition of only one of the siblings would feel incomplete for many fans. However, as a non-cross-dressing male figure, Len lacks the critical element of sex appeal that is so important to most collectors of Bishoujo figures. As the result, Len becomes a liability to Rin– he’s important enough to make Rin feel incomplete with his absence, but not important enough to warrant a 5800 yen price tag.

Aww, stop it – you’re making Len cry!

Okay, maybe “liability” is too strong of a word, but the double threat of Rin and Len probably made the duo seem a little too intimidating of a package. But enough speculating, let’s get on with the review!