Revoltech Sengoku Basara-023

To live a good life, one must often ask the question “why?” Yet there are some cases in which the question would be better off unasked. “Why is he holding six swords in between his fingers?” “Why is a feudal Japanese warlord spouting bad Engrish like a broken faucet?” “Why does his horse have handlebars and exhaust pipes sticking out of them?” When it comes to Sengoku Basara’s portrayal of the famed Japanese tactician Date Masamune (nicknamed dokuganryū or “One-Eyed Dragon”) from the 17th century, sense and reason are far, far removed from the sphere of relevancy.

For better or for worse, this scene will forever remain as the most memorable moment in the Sengoku Basara anime.

As the companion to the Sanada Yukimura Revoltech figure I reviewed a few weeks ago, this limited white version of the Date Masamune Revoltech is similar to its rival both in their good overall quality, as well the presence of a couple of significant faults. On with the review!

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