MG Ball-016

At the dead bottom of the gundam grunt totem pole, below the lowly Zaku II and practically harmless GM, there lays the most ill-fated clump of mass-produced metal – the RB-79 Ball. Being just as unintimidating as its own name, the Ball is practically useless on the battlefields of the One Year War (from the original Mobile Suit Gundam). Nicknamed the “Mobile Coffin”, these low-cost civilian crafts modified for battle are famous for their penchant to explode.

Because the Ball is unimpressive in virtually every respect in the anime series, the release of the Master Grade Ball ver. Ka in 2004 must have been an immense surprise to Gunpla fans at the time. “Surely there must be worthier candidates for the MG treatment,” they pr obably thought. However, after the initial shock, I’m sure most fans have come to love the little round underdog for a few reasons: it’s amazingly detailed, it’s deceptively large, it’s attractively priced, and it’s refreshingly different.

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