(Remember that review I promised a month ago? It seems that I have overestimated John’s expediency. Nevertheless, here is his review on the 1/100 Tieren Ground Type, with a few revision by me. I apologize in advance for the dusty photos. I’ll be sure to wash the model beforehand next time. I’ll be working on a review on the figma Aigis in the next few days and will get that up and posted soon.)

Of all the mecha designs in the gundam franchise, if any were to be made in real life, the Tieren would probably be the likeliest candidate (save for the Ball). At first glance, it appears to be a hulking bipedal tank made mean iron, ready to topple its enemies and anything unfortunate enough to get between them. Unfortunately, those who followed the first season Gundam 00 would know otherwise. The saying “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” applies very neatly to the case of the Tieren Ground type, as these lumbering green giants are regularly blown to bits faster than they can fire a single round. Thankfully, its 1/100 scale model incarnation does not perpetuate the stench of failure from its performance in the anime. It is not quite perfect, but the beauty of the Tieren’s design is captured well in the surprising amount of details present on this well-priced model kit.

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