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Review: 1/7 Tharja

Max Factory Tharja Sallya-2413

“What is that?”

 “Why do you collect these things?”

 “You spent how much on this?”

As a figure collector, one is bound to run into questions like these sooner or later. Of course, there are many reasons why we love the things we do. Some may marvel at the detail and workmanship which go into the making of these mass-produced wonders, while others may appreciate the faithful depiction of their favourite characters in three dimensions. I’ve even seen the word “art” thrown around in discussions here and there.

But no matter how hard we may try to rationalize ourselves, sometimes we do it for reasons beyond reasoning, because sometimes we just want some plastic booty, and it is the quest for said booty that which had led met to Max Factory’s Tharja. Read more »

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Of Love and Figures


If you’ve been a long-time reader of Hobby Hovel, then you would have undoubtedly noticed the lack of activity over the majority of the past year. I had even skipped my anniversary post due to the laughable amount of content produced. The reason for this has something to do with this engagement ring happily accepted by my fiancé Melissa, and if you’ve got time and patience to spare, I will tell you the story of how I and the blog ended up where they are right now. Read more »

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The Story of Alicia, My Friend

A month ago, I flew to San Francisco and met someone in person for the first time. We had In-N-Out Burger and visited the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art briefly before she had to run off.

On the very next day, I attended her wedding. And believe me, I had a lot of fun telling the other guests about the briefness of  our acquaintance.

Of course, there’s more to the story to that, and this post is going to be all about my friendship with the newly-wed Alicia. Before anyone objects about yet another normalfag post:

  1. This is my own blog and I can ruin it however I want!
  2. This also has everything to do with how I got into figure photography and blogging in the first place. I’ve shared the story of how I got started with figure photography before, but that’s not really the entire story.

I did not actually take any photos of the wedding itself because I didn’t want to get in the way of the professionals on the scene. I did end up taking a lot of photos at another wedding, but that’s another story entirely. So in lieu of weddings photos, here are some of my photo highlights from San Francisco to keep you from dozing off! Read more »

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Ash Recommends: Visual Novels — the B-List


DELAYS! Oh good lord the delays…*cough* I mean hello everyone!

So this was supposed to have been done many many weeks ago, but unfortunately, many, many delays happened instead.

Said delays started right away when I began researching this list I actually found about 9 games that I never played that looked interesting. Of course, we can’t have an incomplete list, so I spent about a week and a half on that (sadly none of them made this list…I guess there was a reason I skipped them). So with that out of the way, I sat down to write this article! Except the website was down, which happened two days in a row to me…Talk about a motivation killer. Sigh anyway by the time that nonsense was fixed I’d been gripped by resurgence in my MMO addiction and we all know how those go…

SO! To make a long story short I suck and am easily distracted like a small animal by shinies! In any case this list here was actually the brainchild of the lovely Zai from Plastic Parfait and the general idea of it is to cover games that aren’t what I would call AMAZING like what I included in my last recommendation list, but merely enjoyable in my eyes. Kinda like guilty pleasures only actually good to a degree!

Now without further ado, the first game up in the entirely alphabetical order is…

Read more »

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