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Review: Nendoroid Kirby

Nendoroid Kirby-7208

Surprise, I got a new figure – and a Nendoroid at that!

This Nendoroid Kirby was my birthday present to the wife, which I immediately hijacked for figure photos – much like the Nendoroid Isabelle a year ago. I am reminded of the Simpsons episode when Homer buys Marge a bowling ball for her birthday — an appropriate comparison considering Kirby’s shape, but I assure you that she has quite the obsession with the pink blob, being the lifelong Nintendrone that she is. Read more »

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“Interrogation Light” Jotaro

Jotaro Kujo

Here’s another instalment with my low-key experiments! Did you know Hirohiko Araki (the mangaka of Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure) modelled Jotaro’s personality after Clint Eastwood? Even the pose in this figure has a bit of a Dirty Harry feel to it. Since I had been on a low-key stint, this figure was the perfect candidate from some dramatic lighting. Read more »

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Rim-Lit Saber


Of all the figures I re-shot since their original reviews, Alter’s summer Saber was among the most difficult. While the original review had some of my favourite photos to this day, the fact that I ran out of ideas for the indoors studio shows was plain as day. In retrospect, despite all the praise I heaped onto this figure, it really didn’t have that much going on by itself. It did not have great detail to admire up close, nor does it fill up the frame in an interesting way. So without fancy rivers and flowers, I struggled with making an interesting shot with it. Read more »

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Lessons with Tharja


Photography has a way of adding new meaning to things. Behind every image is the potential for a stories and memories about how it came to fruition. At the best of times, it’s a veritable adventure of getting one’s hands dirty, trying new things and ultimately being rewarded for the trouble. Sadly, the story behind this shot of Max Factory’s Tharja will be remembered for a substantially less pleasant reason: an awkward and painful physical injury.

It all began when I decided to take photos of Tharja again. I was never too pleased with the shots I took for her review, so I wanted to give it another go. With that said, I didn’t really have an idea for her, so I just put her in front of the camera with my usual setup, hoping to find out what clicks along the way. Read more »

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